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High Court suspends K. Yugindro, appoints Jarnail Singh as varsity’s administrator

IMPHAL | Oct 11 : In a landmark judgement on two PILs taken together, the High Court of Manipur has suspended pro vice-chancellor of the Manipur University, professor K. Yugindro and appointed former chief secretary, Jarnail Singh as the varsity’s administrator who is fully empowered to discharge the power of the vice-chancellor till order is restored in the university.

The direction of the high court said the order was given after considering the best interest of the students and present very disturbing situation in the university.

Earlier the court had notified its intent of interfering in the affairs and management of the university if the authority concerned failed to resolve the ongoing crisis in the university.

A division bench of the high court comprising of justice, N. Kotiswar and justice, Kh. Nobin today heard the two PILs (public interest litigation) filed by editor of Hueyen Lanpao, Hemantakumar Ningomba and social activist, Chongtham Nimai along with the petition filed by incumbent vice-chancellor, Adya Prasad Pandey.

The division bench also suspended the appointment of professor, W. Vishwanath by Adya Prasad Pandey to look after the office of the vice-chancellor of the varsity and the appointments of professor, M. Shyamkesho and professor Sh. Dorendrajit as registrar (in charge) of the varsity.

As directed earlier, five respondents out of eight respondents of the PILs have submitted their views and suggestions in the forms of affidavits. However the court has decided to examine their submissions later after hearing all the parties.

The court has noted that crises remained unresolved and has worsened increasing of violent incidents with the yesterday’s shutting down of departments of the varsity by the students, confrontation between students and police followed by raid at boy’s hostels and detention of 17 students.

“This court had expressed serious concern on the continuing stalemate and violence in the university which is jeopardising the interest of the students and had cautioned the respondent authorities and all the stakeholders that in absence of any resolution of the crisis and in absence of any practical suggestions to resolve the crises, this court may be compelled to intervene. This expectation of the court has been belied. The easiest way out is to allow the problem to fester and wait for miracle to happen to resolve the crises or to intervene in the matter which option we are now inclined to adopt,” mentioned the court’s order.

The court has fully authorised Jarnail Singh to choose and appoint any competent person as registrar (in-charge) of the university and also given the liberty to appoint any other person(s) to aid, assist and advise him in discharging the functions of the vice-chancellor.

Any person who interfere or cause obstruction to the functioning of the administrator of the varsity appointed today by the court may be liable to be proceeded and punished accordingly under the Contempt of Courts Act 1971 and/or Article 215 of the Indian Constitution, mentioned the order.

The court has merged the two PILs considering the fact that the two PILs are closely related and the ultimate end sought for is normalisation of the prevailing situation in the university.

The respondents of the PILs are state government, HRD ministry, MU registrar, A.P. Pandey, K. Yugindro, commissioner (Higher and Technical Education), MUSU, MUTA and MUSA.

Normalcy in Manipur University was almost completely restored since August 23 after 85 days long impasse until Yugindro came to take the charge of vice-chancellor on September 20.


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