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Hostellers resolve not to co-operate with Prof. K. Yugindro

IMPHAL | Sept 23 : Today around 10:30 am, about 100 hostellers including research scholars of all the ladies’ hostels of Manipur University gathered in front of coffee corner inside the Manipur University campus to discuss the ongoing scenario at MU.

A hosteller said that they gathered to discuss together about the arrest of teachers and students and the suspension of their teachers which have jeopardized their education. But they are not there to launch any form of agitation, she clarified.

The Manipur Police force initially prohibited the students from assembling together saying that they cannot gather in groups of more than five as directed by the district magistrate, Imphal West as a precautionary measure to prevent any unwanted incident.

It is said that professor, M. Shyamkesho had written to the District Magistrate on September 22 to provide necessary arrangement for maintaining law and order in and around MU campus until an atmosphere conducive to academics has prevailed.

After much request from the side of the students, the students were finally allowed to assemble for five minutes. The police dispersed the students after the granted time. The hostellers then entered inside a hostel and continued the discussions. One hosteller commented that the students were not able to discuss and share ideas peacefully as the police continue to turn up around the hostel also.

The hostellers resolved for making demands not to conduct exams during the University crisis and to remove police forces deployed inside the University. They condemned the act of government and police personnel which harassed the students and teachers. The students also demanded the unconditional release of the teachers and students and to revoke the FIR cases against them.

Condemning the suspension of the teachers by professor, K. Yugindro, they demanded the revocation of the suspension orders of the teachers. It was further resolved that they will not co-operate with the University authority who is allegedly responsible for the suspension of teachers.

Meanwhile, other students who are waiting for their friends at the main gate of the University were also dispersed. It may be recalled that CrPc 144 is still imposed in Imphal West district from May 18.


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