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Indefinite MU shut-down strike stalls examination

IMPHAL | Jun 6 : The indefinite shut-down strike of the Manipur University (MU) by Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU) has caused suspension of the university semester examination which was to commenced today.

The university was shut-down yesterday as a part of agitation demanding replacement of the vice-chancellor, Aditya Prasad Pandey for allegedly hampering the academic atmosphere and leaving the university paralysed.

Speaking to IFP, one of the student of economic department who came to give his 2nd semester examination said he supports the demands of MUSU but affecting the academic atmosphere by shutting down the university will give a big negative impact to the career of the students.

He appealed to the union to call off the shutting down of the university in the interest of the career of the students and also asked the vice-chancellor to bring an amicable solution to solve the issue at the earliest.

Manipur University Teachers Association (MUTA) president, I. Tomba said to some extent the allegations made by the students against the vice-chancellor are reasonable.

He said MUTA is trying at their best level to bring an amicable solution and restore the academic atmosphere of the university.

Tomba claims the vice-chancellor has confessed to some of the allegations made by the students but he does not want to clarify the matter publicly.

Stating that removing a vice-chancellor and handling the post by an in-charge will make the university partially paralysed. He suggested the students leaders to make a charter of demands and submits to the vice-chancellor.

The president appealed to the student’s union to cool down and call off the indefinite shut-down strike in the interest of the student’s careers and also asked the vice-chancellor to begin negotiations with the students at the earliest.

According to the vice-chancellor, he is always ready to have a conversation with the students of the university as they are like a family to him. Regarding the current issue of the university he said “The issue will be resolved very soon.”

The SBI and Bank of Baroda, MU branch remained closed on account of the indefinite shut-down of the university.

In connection with the ongoing agitation, demanding removal of the current vice-chancellor, the public relation officer (PRO) of the university, Ganesh Sethi resigned from his PRO post on last Monday on the ground that he is not qualified to be a PRO without knowing the local language.

MUSU also asked the dean of school of human and environmental science, ArunSaxena to resign on moral ground as he holds many post of the university like development committee, purchasing committee, chief warden of guest house, Centre’s director and uses the power only for his private interest.

The charge against the vice-chancellor is that he does not appoint regular registrar, examination controller, librarian and curator; they are powerless as they are assigned as in-charges of the posts.

The vice-chancellor spent around Rs. 8 crore as travelling expense. He takes leave often and he never mentioned the date he returns at the office.

When there is already an issue of keeping Assam Rifle camp in the university’s campus, awarding him with ‘Y’ category security and permitting to use bullet proof vehicle which cost almost Rs. 60 lakhs, is same as turning the university into a military camp.

According to MUSU representatives they will continued to shut-down the university unless the current vice-chancellor is removed.


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