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Jano Nyekha releases music video ‘My Day’

Jano Nyekha, a folk fusion singer from Dimapur who shot to fame with her debut single ‘Aahoh’ in 2015 has released her fifth single music video ‘My Day’ at School of Music Dimapur on Saturday. 
The video was released by M-Table during a small event at the School of Music Dimapur premises in Naga United Village, Dimapur.
In a short speech, M-Table convenor, Yanren Kikon said with the advent of technology, music industry had become easily accessible but at the same time it had also opened the doors to numerous competitors.

Dwelling on the music making process which consumes a lot of time and resources, Kikon said the real work starts only after the completion of a music video when the artiste has to support, promote and look for the best avenues where the song would reach out to maximum consumers.
Citing examples of how international artistes were churning in revenues from their songs by touring, music sales, publishing, streaming etc. Kikon said the most recent highest earners in the last fiscal were U2 (Rs 372 cr) followed by Garth Brooks (Rs 357 cr), Metallica (Rs 295 cr) and Bruno Mars (Rs 278 cr).
He added that online promotion could help an artiste reach to the masses but it was live shows that would do the real earning.
Kikon encouraged artistes to perform live shows as much as possible which, in the long run, would help the artiste in gaining more experiences all the while increasing their market value.

Regretting of how artistes in Nagaland were fading into obscurity because of their ego, he said, artistes should learn when to seek help and work in coordination with others.
“Naga artistes want to be composers, producers, songwriters, editors, creative directors, marketing managers, booking agent altogether but this does not work,” Kikon said.
He advised the gathered artistes to focus their attention on their strength and outsource the rest to others who were equally talented in different areas and not try to do everything by themselves and be like one-man-army.
Kikon further added that artistes should acknowledge that their talents were God given and that they should use it wisely.
Earlier the event was hosted by Vecülu Rhakho while Faithway Church pastor Aba Khesoh said the invocation. Abalü Kikon said the prayers for the song release. Dream Magnificent, a band from School of Music Dimapur performed one of their songs Jano’s father Apoi Nyekha offered the benediction.
It may be mentioned here that in 2017, Jano was awarded by India’s biggest Indie awards-Radio City FM Freedom Awards, held at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai for her song ‘Aahoh’ under the Best Folk Fusion category.

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