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JCILPS student’s wing to initiate screening of migrants from tomorrow

IMPHAL | Aug 3 : Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) students’ wing has announced that it will initiate checking of illegal migrants from entering Manipur from tomorrow onwards.

Convener of JCILPS student’s wing, Manjit Sarangthem gave the announcement during a press conference held today at its office located at Sega Road Konjeng Hazari Leikai.

He said that after the final draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) was declared on July 30, the neighbouring state of Assam is in a panic stage.

About 40 thousand people who are not included in the draft list might attempt to migrate into the other states of the northeast. To prevent such people, who were not included the list, from entering into the state, AMSU has prepared to initiate checking of illegal migrants along national highway number 2 and 37 from tomorrow onwards, he added.

To conduct the checking, a joint task force has been established by co-ordinating with hill’s students’ unions in different parts of the state. The task force will be made of 20 members and two separate teams on two national highways will be deployed with 10 members each, said Manjit.

He said the team will continue the verification of migrants for 15 days and it is believed that the state will support the verification drive, he stated.

Manjit further said that according to a source, people are entering the state with a mere voter identity card. They might enter by identifying themselves with such voter cards which may be registered from Assam.

People should take necessary steps to protect the identity of the state and prevent illegal migrants or immigrants from entering Manipur. Student bodies like Khasi Students’ Union have started drive to prevent such influx, said Manjit.

The students’ wing also urged the Manipur government to strengthen its steps for the same. He said according to the state government about 300 people who tried to cross into the state have been sent back. Hence we have decided to launch screening of migrants entering Manipur, he added.


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