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Jessami villagers repair road

UKHRUL | Jun 6 : Jessami villagers have started repairing ‘neglected’ Jessami road, along the national highway 202 that links Imphal and Makokchung of Nagaland, with the village’s own financial source.

The villagers claim that the authority’s negligence and step motherly treatment of the villagers has resulted in taking up the road repairing work by them.

Jessami is 115km away from Ukhrul Headquarter, situated on the northern part of Ukhrul district, Manipur and shares a boundary with Nagaland. The village has a total of 597 householdd and a total of 3,334 population. The village connectivity road to the rest of state is in a dilapidated condition.

The villagers’ appeal to the concern authority for repairing of the road has not been listened. The Villagers has taken the onus of repairing the road. The Jessami Student’s Union (JSU) has taken the initiative of repairing the potholes and drainage since May 14 informed Alo Mekrishu, president, JSU.

The volunteers of JSU use rocks and pebbles to fill up the potholes and has been incurring heavy amount informed Alo. He added that they have also taken the initiative to repair the drainage which has been blocked for the past years due to landslides. The repairing work is still going on and every Saturday villagers participate in the repairing work, said Alo.

Alo informed that the repairing work will take long time since the road stretch is very long. The nearest village is Kharasom which is some 30km. The repairing work is in snail pace progress since the Student’s Union have very limited resources added Alo.

He said it is our basic right to have a good connectivity road and appealed the authority to look into the grievances of the villages in border area.


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