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KCP boycotts Independence Day, calls bandh

IMPHAL | Aug 9 : The proscribed Kangleipak Communist Party- People’s war group (KCP-PWG) has called for a boycott of India’s Independence celebrations while declaring a general strike from 6:00 am to midnight of August 15.

A release signed by secretary, central media co-ordinator, Lenin Meitei stated that the government is trying to poison the state by trying to observe India’s Independence Day while subjugating the freedom of ‘Kangleipak.’

It is an undeniable fact of history that Kangleipak was an independent nation with its own constitution and norms prior to India’s Independence from British rule in 1947, the release stated while asking the public of Manipur to clearly think if there is any worth in poor proletariats celebrating the Independence Day programme initiated by the Bourgeois classes of society.

The stand that “It is worth to be free for even a second and die instead of being a subject to colonial forces” which has been initiated into armed freedom movements has been under threat from the Indian government who has been trying to discredit it as an Insurgent or Terrorist movement at various international problems, the release stated. However, several developed countries are aware of the facts of the India’s northeast outlook policy, it added.

Despite the numerous policies instigated by the government of India (GOI) to subjugate the northeast region, the policy makers should remember that it will never be able to vanquish the true freedom movement of the people. The ‘Divide and Rule’ policy which the imperialist British forces used to colonise India also happened to Kangleipak, and they should not forget that the Draconian rules and policies being implemented in the state is a prime example of the saying that ‘History repeats itself’ which the people of Kangleipak is well aware of, it said.

Kangleipak achieved its Independence from the British one day prior to India, the release reminded the GOI while asserting that India’s Independence Day celebrations were forced on the public of Kangleipak after it was annexed to the Indian union is an undeniable fact. The different communities inhabiting the hills and valleys of Kangleipak had always co-existed and peace, it added.

While the organisation respects the Independence Day of every nation but on India’s Independence Day, PWG (Marxist Centre) has called for a total bandh and declared a 12-hour Emergency, the release stated. In case of any contrary actions by any individual(s) to the call for Emergency there would not be any time for reconciliatory talks or explanations, it warned while adding that emergency services including water supply, electricity, ritual ceremonies and medical services will be exempted from the purview of the bandh.


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