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Khango in Nagaland; urged to join CF

NSCN (K) leader Khango Konyak, who was recently impeached by the Yung Aung led group as the chairman and president of the NSCN (K) has reportedly entered Nagaland and was in touch with Naga civil society, TNT reports stated.

As per reports, Khango is reportedly stationed near Yongkhao village in Mon district. Sources also informed that talks with Naga civil society bodies are on in a bid to resume the ceasefire and peace talks with the Government of India.

According to other media reports, Government of India has held meetings to discuss if Khango Konyak, could be allowed to enter India. Meanwhile, highly placed sources informed Nagaland Post that the group led by Khango has been given the green signal to enter into Nagaland in order to facilitate joining political negotiations.

Pictures and videos of Khango Konyak have been doing the rounds on social media. He was also seen addressing the representatives of civil society members and NGOs at a programme held at Yongkhao village, the TNT report stated.

The arrival and public reception led to speculations that Konyak, who is leading the Nagas of Indian origin, was not averse to eventually join the peace process with the government of India.

NSCN (K) as it stands today, has been divided between one led by Naga Myanmarese Yung Aung and Naga from Nagaland (India) led by Khango after the latter was ousted in a bloodless coup.

In August, Myanmarese faction of NSCN (K) had ‘impeached’ Konyak, after he was made the outfit’s chairman after the demise of Shangnyu Shangwang Khaplang in June last at Yangon hospital after prolonged illness. Later, Khango Konyak, a Naga of Indian origin, was replaced by Yung Aung, who belongs to the Hemi Naga community of Myanmar like late S.S. Khaplang.

Significantly, senior BJP leader Ram Madhav during his recent visit to Nagaland had disclosed that Delhi was waiting for groups like the NSCN (K) to join the peace process following which a solution could be arrived at without much delay. This was read in the context of trying to announce some deal before the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

On the other hand, there were reports that Nikki Sumi, a Naga from Nagaland (India) had been appointed as the Commander–in–Chief of NSCN (K) led by Yung Aung. Sources told the TNT said that Nikki Sumi had to be appointed as the C-in-C since he belonged to dominant Naga tribe. Without appointment of the Nagas of Nagaland, Aung led NSCN (K) cannot proceed ahead, it added.

According to NE Live report, a two-member delegation of the Naga Mothers Association will leave for Delhi to negotiate peace on behalf of NSCN (K) leader Khango Konyak.

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