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LCF decries NSCN (IM)

IMPHAL | Aug 1 : Denouncing the statement made by NSCN (IM) that it has derecognized the apex Zeliangrong organisations, Luangdimai (Zeliangrong) Citizens Forum (LCF) has condemned the action of NSCN (IM) of trying to demean the stature and dignity of the office of the Zeliangrong tribe apex civil organizations namely Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN), Zeliangrong Students Union (AMN) and Zeliangrong Youth Front (AMN).

A release from LCF expressed resentment over the news item captioned “NSCN (IM) derecognizes apex Zeliangrong organisations” which appeared in a daily on July 31 while stating that neither the Zeliangrong frontal organisations were created by NSCN (IM) nor did the Zeliangrong people requested them for recognition of our frontal bodies in whatsoever manner in any point of time. Therefore, the question of de-recognition by NSCN (IM) does not arise, and the Zeliangrong people and their frontal organisations do not exist on the mercy of the NSCN (IM), it added.

“However, LCF is of the opinion that this is not the right time to disown friendly and supportive organisations and create enemies afresh within Naga community out of frustration when the solution to the protracted Indo-Naga talks is in the final stage and knowing fully well that there are already opposition to the on-going talk by neighbouring Non-Nagas,” the release continued.

The Citizens Forum, in its release, further reiterated that “The Zeliangrong people are One who are bounded by the indestructible bond of blood relationship” and the community will continue “to uphold and support all the Zeliangrong frontal bodies in their endeavour towards maintaining and fostering Zeliangrong people as One Single Entity or ‘Tribe’.” It also condemned any move targeted to create division and confusion amongst the Zeliangrong people stating that the community is quite capable of sorting out any differences within themselves and no outside organisation is welcomed to interfere or judge the management of the community affairs and its territory.

The releases additionally expressed indignation over the allegations made by NSCN (IM) that the Zeliangrong frontal organisations are hell bent on maligning the image of the NSCN and sabotage the Indo-Naga peace process terming it as very immature. “Instead of trying to foster brotherhood and cooperation from all Naga people, such manner of trying to shift responsibility and putting blame on the Zeliangrong frontal organizations for the protracted and unresolved peace talks is nothing but a sign of frustrations on their part,” it added.

LCF also maintained that even though the Zeliangrong people had its own dream and aspirations but for the sake of greater Nagalim, the Zeliangrong Homeland Movement had been kept in low key for more than two decades. The release further continued that while the Zeliangrong people have been extending active and unflinching support to the greater cause of the Naga people since the beginning, the manner in which NSCM(IM) has been conducting itself in recent times had only brought about a feeling of betrayal among the Zeliangrong people. This sense of betrayal has been felt because not only precious lives been sacrificed for the cause of the Nagas but also our best lands and resources are being used by NSCN (IM) to sustain the movement towards achieving the Nagas’ common goal, it asserted.

The release from LCF further declared that in view of the prevailing facts and circumstances, the Citizens Forum is of the firm opinion that “Whether the NSCN (IM) recognises the Zeliangrong people as three or four tribes or not, the Zeliangrong people will remain as One People and as one entity,” and “Whether the NSCN(IM) recognises or de-recognises the Zeliangrong Frontal Organisations, the Zeliangrong people will continue to uphold and they will continue to represent us now and in the days to come.”

NSCN (IM) should focus on bringing solution to the on-going Indo-Naga peace talks rather than diverting its attention by interfering in the internal affairs of the Zeliangrong people, it added.


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