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MadeInUkhrul conclave for sustainable Ukhrul 2030 concludes

UKHRUL | Apr 6 : Hill Wild has organised an Entrepreneurship Conclave cum Trade Fair under the theme ‘Sustainable Ukhrul 2030’ with an aim to bring economic sustainability in Ukhrul district.

Hill Wild is founded by Leiyolan Vashum and Zeinorin Stephen Angkang with a vision to build healthier lifestyle and community through locally available food in the northeast region of India. It is a community based movement focusing on economic sustainability. Hill Wild has successfully created a chocolate using exotic pumpkin seeds and sausages made by artisan that received a phenomenal response from the buyers.  

Zeinorin Angkang said that entrepreneurship has never really been in the fray of general populace even though the district has a rich varied flora and fauna and is capable of producing quality agriculture, horticulture and other allied products. So the event MadeInUkhrul (MIU) came as an eye opener and also a window to possibility for the otherwise closet entrepreneurs of the district

After the success last year, the second edition of MadeInUkhrul 2018 Entrepreneurship Conclave Cum Trade Fair was organised from April 5 to April 6 at the Bakshi Ground Indoor Stadium, Hungpung, Ukhrul district. The event is a platform for more growth and opportunities, bringing investors, mentors and buyers for the local entrepreneurs. The event has made the local populace gradually warmed up to the idea of creating local goods and products. The two founders of Hill Wild, Zeinorin Stephen Angkang and Leiyolan Vashum knew the challenges of the district but with a mission that is visionary and far sighted, the duo are keen to address the issue and bring solution with the involvement of local entrepreneurs. They recognised the need to push and pull small businessmen and entrepreneurs to use their skill and talent to maximum in order to bring sustainability and expand their products beyond the district and state.  

Leiyolan said the theme ‘Sustainable Ukhrul 2030’ is a vision to achieve certain goals to make Ukhrul truly sustainable economically.

“The aim is to identify certain products that can be manufactured and produced in Ukhrul and initiate the whole concept of processing and supplying products within the district and outside so that we do not have to import from other districts, states, etc. In other words, it aims to make the district self-sufficient and bring sustainable lifestyle. The Entrepreneurship Conclave Cum Trade Fair aims to find ways to create and maintain healthy economic and trade relationship with external entities”, said Leiyolan.

Founder of CeePee Handlooms, Achui Shimray was the winner of Business Pitching Competition for entrepreneurs and was awarded Rs. 1 Lakh as seed funding.  

One remarkable event of the conclave was the special workshop by Amazon Saheli and Totalstart Ecosystem Developers to incubate 30 women entrepreneurs who would want to scale their business upto 10 crores in the next five years.

CEO of, Karma Bhutia, CEO of GNRC hospitals, Satabdee Borah, CEO of Swaaha, Gaurav Gupta, CEO of Tartl, Vignesh Rmeshwamy, managing director of Aspora Nagaland, Shiroi Lily Shaiza and chairman of TotalStart Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Developers, Suryanil Ghosh delivered their powerful speeches during the event and encouraged the local entrepreneurs.

The event witnessed 92 entrepreneurs from diverse fields, including bakers, artistes, chefs, designers, service providers, local farmers, manufacturers displaying their products ranging from clothing, furniture, processed foods, handicrafts, textiles, and others.

The event was sponsored by North Eastern Council with an aim to building economically sustainable community through entrepreneurship.


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