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Imphal, June 12, 2018 (DIPR): Manipur deserves to be known in the country and abroad because of its uniqueness, especially in culture and its scenic beauty. This was stated by Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla at a press conference held at Raj Bhavan, Imphal, today. Addressing the media persons, the Governor said that during her visit to the United States recently, she had the opportunity to interact with the Non-Resident Indians and discuss about the uniqueness of Manipur and the need for development in the State. Many of them had expressed their willingness to visit Manipur and contribute something valuable for the development of the people of Manipur.

Further, the Governor stated that she had done some research pertaining to development of tourism sector in-order to enable the business community from Mumbai to invest in the State. She said that they have extended their desire to visit the State shortly.

The Governor said that she had the opportunity to discuss on various developmental works of the State regarding education, agriculture, etc. at the Governors’ Conference held recently at Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi. Discussing on the agricultural sector at the Governors’ Conference, she had apprised the gathering that Manipur is self-reliant as far as agriculture is concerned.

Discussing on improvement of education sector at the conference, she had informed them that there are 3 (Three) Universities which needs more fund. She talked about the rich and unique culture of Manipur such as dance, literature, written and unwritten history, oral traditions etc. which are available at the Manipur University of Culture and especially of Nat Sankirtan, which had been identified as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO. She said that through Nat Sankirtan we can trace our thread to the Far East having the same cultural background. The same was also mentioned by the President of India during the Sangai Festival last year.

Talking about Technical University which has just started, she said that indigenous research should be promoted. As Manipur is the centre for culture and sports, we should promote the indigenous innovations. Citing the recent achievement of indigenous innovation of Modern Indian Round Take Down Bow by B. Chaoba Sharma, she added that if we can make our equipments more cheaper so that even poor students can avail the opportunity to expose their talents in various field of sports. The Governor added that she would look into various issues that concerns development in the State shortly. (DIPR)

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