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Manipur government effects ban on 15 year-old vehicles

 Manipur Pollution Control Board (MPCB) on Wednesday announced a ban on 15 years and older vehicles from plying on roads in Imphal city.
Announcing the ban, Manipur Pollution Control Board chairman L Radhakishore said that the state government took the decision considering the rising pollution levels in the capital city.
He appealed to all to abstain from buying vehicles older than 15 years while the state motor vehicle department has been asked to consult all concerned departments while issuing vehicle permits.
Air quality of Imphal city is at a vulnerable stage as the level of air pollution was found to be double the permissible limit in a recent survey conducted by the board at various places across the city, he said.
A team of three departments were deputed to monitor smoke, air pollution and noise pollution during the first week of September.
With the vulnerable stage of air pollution in the city area, people were becoming victims of many diseases, L Radhakishore added.
The government has limited lifespan of vehicles to 15 years, but then over 70 percent of the vehicles were found to be above 15 years. 
Due to non-closure of their services by the government or owners, these vehicles were still on the road, the chairman said.
Over 70 percent of diesel auto-rickshaws in passenger service in Imphal city were found to be above 15 years and emission of excessive quantity of smoke, the chairman said.


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