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Manipuri Muslims demand disclosure of Naga framework agreement

THOUBAL | Sept 3 : If the government of India tries to break the territorial integrity of Manipur which has its own 2000 year old history, or attempts to put a wedge in between the existing communities of the state while trying to appease NSCN (IM), then the Manipuri Muslims will not remain a silent witness, they will sacrifice their lives for the motherland.

The statement was made by general secretary, Singa Development Association (SDA), Md Firoz Khan.

A public meeting jointly organised by SDA and Singa Ideal Club (SIC) under the supervisions of Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation (MMWO) was held today at Yairipok Singa, where Firoz Khan further stated that the implementation of Article 371- A, 6th Schedule or other similar acts will not be allowed in the state.

He further said that the Manipuri Muslims of the state are not against the work undertaken by the Government of India for the welfare of Nagaland, and would extend their support. However, if the integrity of Manipur is threatened, then Manipuri Muslims will not remain silent, he added.

Manipuri Muslims have been involved in many works and responsibilities for Manipur since the year 1606, he said. If the government of India tries to split up Manipur which was an independent Nation, or breed hatred amongst its communities, then Manipuri Muslims will have to take a stand for pre-merger agreement, he declared.

He further said that it has been very unfortunate that the Government of India is still not disclosing the contents of the Framework Agreement that has been signed between the former and NSCN-IM.

For the past three years, the people have been demanding the disclosure of the agreement, and the secrecy surrounding it has raised more apprehensions to the public, he said. The Manipuri Muslims condemn such policies of the government of India, which is a democratic country; he further said appealing that the contents of the agreement be urgently disclosed.

The State government’s act of postponing Cabinet meetings while the public is demanding for the disclosure of the framework agreement suggests that politicians considers their seats more important than other issues, he continued while questioning the agenda behind postponing of public meetings.

The public meeting was followed by a brief demonstration of human chain which was formed at Yairpok road near Singa area by temporarily blocking the roadway. Slogans were also raised during the demonstration.


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