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Many villages in Tamenglong are yet to be electrified

From Daniel Kamei


Despite the government declaration that India is already fully electrified last year, many villages in Tousem sub-division of Tamenglong district are yet to see electricity and experience the goodness.

In fact, these villages are promised that electricity connections will be provided, but till date no connection of electricity has come, and the villagers are still waiting for electricity to come to their villages.

At least 12 villages including Charinapang, Taijijang, Tongtao, Zeiladjang, Tuisenphai, Katiang and Impa Ningdi village amongst others are yet to receive electricity in the said district.

People of the area are facing inexpressible miseries due to lack of development in almost every spheres, like electricity, road connectivity, and poor health facility in the area.  

This was found out during a tour to some of these villages by media persons in Tousem area.  

Village chairman of Charinapang, Ajang Riamei, speaking to media persons, said that the department has promised to provide electricity to the village but has failed to put into action.

He said that the villagers had even cleared the jungle for electric wire line in 2017, under the instruction of the concerned department, Manipur State Power Distribution and Company Limited (MSPDCL).

Moreover, the department had also requested the villagers to transfer the electric posts and the villagers were even ready to help transport electric posts from Imphal to the village. However, the aspiration to get electricity is not fulfilled till date, he lamented.

Ajang also appealed the concerned authority to provide electricity as early as possible.

Media persons have found out that many villages in Tousem sub- division are also reeling under bad road connectivity and poor health facility in the area, with no one to take care of.

Scribes have also witnessed that electric bulbs are hanging without electric connection as if electric bulbs are hanging for house decoration in Longjon village.

A reliable source informed media persons that Longjon village has been electrified in 2015. However power supply stop coming after few months and till date the villagers have not seen any electricity again.

Despite repeated appeals to resume electricity in the villages to the concerned authority, it has gone into deaf ears, said the source.

Mention may be made that the government of India has last year on April 28 declared India is now fully electrified with Laisang village in Senapati district as the last village to get electrified.


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