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Mapithel area endorses Wungnaoshang Shimray for TNL president

UKHRUL | Sept 18 : The headman and representatives from Zingsho Mapithel Long organised a simple blessing programme endorsing the candidature of Wungnaoshang A. Shimray for the post of president of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), an apex body of Tangkhul community.

The TNL election is likely to be held in the end of the year, although the scheduled date and time is yet to be announced by the Election Commission.

Chairman of Zingsho Mapithel Long, Paothing Awungshi while welcoming the members, expressed gratitude to the headman and representatives from Mapithel Area for attending the blessing programme and appealed for unity among the brethren.

Headman of Tangkhul Hundung Khunnou, Angam Keishing said a prayer for the candidate and the wellbeing for the future of Tangkhul community and headman of Singda village, Christianson Mahongnao expressed his endorsement and gratitude to everyone for such initiatives, while headman of Lungphu village, Wungnaoyo Mahongnao expressed that with God’s will everything can be achieved.

Headman of Marou village, Philip Awungshi while endorsing the candidature of Wungnaoshang, appealed the gathering and representatives of Tangkhul villages to extend co-operation and elect him as the next president of TNL.

Wungnaoshang is a graduate from Delhi University. He was also the vice-president of Naga Student’s Union Delhi in 2003-04 and also served as the president of Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong in 2009-11. In his address, he expressed the will to serve the community. He remarked, “I am not contesting this election for personal interest but I am here for safeguarding and promoting the traditional custom, culture, identity and unity among the community and neighbours.”

He expressed his hope and belief that the coming election would be a peaceful one and a stepping stone for the community.


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