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Measles outbreak in Churachandpur

CHURACHANDPUR | Jun 8 : Following the official declaration of Measles outbreak at two villages in Churachandpur district after the disease claimed one life, the District Family Welfare Officer (DFWO), Churachandpur has pulled its sleeves to contain further spread of the disease in the district.

According to official report, one child at K. Sinai village died of suspected Measles on June 5 last. Significantly, K Sinai village is located about 3/4 kms away from Churachandpur District Hospital. Measles outbreak has also been reported at Monglenphai village under Leisang PHSC of Samulamlan Block. Dr. Jam Thianlal, DFWO, Churachandpur issued ‘Outbreak Notification’ on June 6.

Additional director, FWS and state observer (Churachandpur district) of MR Campaign, Dr Th. Somorendra Singh has rushed to the villages today to collect report of the outbreak at the instruction of State Immunisation Officer (SIO). The official visited the two villages today and said the outbreak was due to ‘vaccine resistance’ by the villagers.

DFWO, Churachandpur has sent Measles outbreak report in the district to the director, health and family welfare today besides holding awareness campaign at vulnerable locations since yesterday. At the same time, a team comprising of staff from district surveillance office, DFWO and ASHA Monglenphai collected blood samples and throat swabs of the victims which were sent for laboratory examinations.

“The outbreak is due mainly to vaccine resistance by the villagers,” said Dr. Jam Thianlal. He added, “The victims (of these two villages) are found to be resistant families for MR vaccines in the two rounds of outreach sessions and one round of school session in the village.”

When contacted at his office today, Dr Jam Thianlal cautioned that the outbreak can continue since there are some villages which resisted MR vaccination and awareness campaign which was launched in the district since March this year.

He urged all concerned to vaccinate their children aged between 9 months to 15 years against Measles Rubella at the District Immunisation Office or any nearest PHCs which can be done every day.

If all children are vaccinated, the disease would be prevented and the case may be eliminated in the entire state within two years, the DWFO said.

Additional director, FWS and state observer (Churachandpur district) of MR Campaign, Dr Th. Somorendra Singh urged the people not to panic but vaccinate their children at the earliest.

Dr Jam Thianlal said that a 5 years old girl of K Sinai village (name concealed) had developed fever on May 27. And after two days, she developed rashes all over the body, accompanied by runny nose, redness in the eyes and cough. No medication was given to her.

On June 4, the girl was taken to a quack who prescribed few medications, he said. The next day (June 5) at around 1 am, the child died, he said while adding that the child had neither taken Measles nor Rubella vaccine.

Several other cases have also been detected at both Monglenphai and K. Sinai villages which prompted him to declare Measles outbreak, he added.


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