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Meghalaya: Huge stash of hidden GNLA arms, ammo recovered in Garo Hills

In yet another breakthrough in the search for hidden arms of the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA), the Meghalaya police on Wednesday recovered a huge stash of arms and ammunition belonging to the proscribed group in East Garo Hills district.

Earlier, in the same district, about 10 recoveries of hidden arms, allegedly stashed away by the deceased commander in chief of the outfit, Sohan D Shira were made.

Today’s recovery came after inputs from villagers in Rongbakgre and Nengmandalgre of the presence of the GNLA’s hidden stash after which the recovery was made.

Police further confirmed that search for more weapons was still on.

The recoveries today included an AK47 with broken trigger assembly, 1 SBML gun, 2 SBBL rifles, 7 pistols, 2 AK magazines, one .303 LMG magazine, 5 SLR magazines, 2 INSAS magazines, 7 pistol magazines, 3 mortar shells, 1 36 HE hand grenade, 2823 ammunition of various calibers, 2 remote control for IED, 11 time bomb circuits, 12 RC bomb circuits, 10 time bomb batteries, 3 walkie-talkie sets, 34 WT battery chargers, 20 WT set adapters, 6 WT set battery covers, 46 WT set headphones, 4 tactical pistol holster, 1 IED without detonator, Velcro tape rolls and GNLA demand pads among others.

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