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Meghalaya: Online friend offers gifts to woman, cheats her of Rs 2.5 lakh

Despite several public advisories being issued by the State Police from time to time vis-a-vis online fraud cases, there are some people who still fall prey to these kinds of cyber crimes with the latest case being reported in Garo Hills.

On Friday, a woman from Dalu lodged a complaint with the Tura police after she was cheated off over Rs 2.5 lakh by an online friend who wished to send her money and gifts.

According to the complaint, one Remy Moore sent her a friend request on Dec 27, 2017 which she accepted on Dec 30 the same year. Her friend began a conversation with her on Jan 18, 2018 and after a few days informed her that he wished to send her gifts and money.

“He asked me for my full address which I gave. Some days later I got a call from a lady (8750723859) who stated that my parcel had come and I needed to pay Rs 19,500 to an account to clear the papers. I deposited the amount,” said the victim of online fraud.

The victim once again got a call from another number (8506804677) which informed her to pay Rs 80,000 for the foreign currency deposited in her name. She paid that as well.

“Later I got another phone call from another number (8743844978) claiming that I needed to deposit Rs 1.6 lakh as government tax to clear the said amount. I once again deposited the amount into the account given by them. However despite so many payments, I have not received any parcel or money. I have been cheated,” she said.

The victim has now sought the help of the police to help locate the people behind defrauding her and sought them to be booked as per the law.

Confirming the receipt of the FIR, the SP of West Garo Hills, Dr MGR Kumar stated that a case has been filed under the IT Act and investigation into the matter is currently on.

“We are awaiting complete details of money deposits done. The case is currently under investigation,” said Dr Kumar.


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