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Member of Chandel ADC, Gotinlam Gangte quits BJP

IMPHAL | Sept 25 : Member of Moreh constituency of Chandel Autonomous District Council (ADC), Gotinlam alias Lamboi Gangte has quit BJP and joined Indian National Congress due to conflict of ideologies with the leaders of the former party.

Gotinlam is the first member to quit BJP out of 24 total members of Chandel ADC.

Delivering his speech in the felicitation programme of Gotinlam held at Congress Bhawan today, president of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee, T.N. Haokip said that Gotinlam started his political career from congress party but circumstances compelled him to join BJP for some period. However, due to differences of ideology among the party leaders of BJP, he had taken firm decision of coming back to his own parent party, Indian National Congress, he added.

He further stated that congress party has the belief of treating every individual equally and the ideologies of Gotinlam that has been acquired from congress party could not be changed when he joined the new party.

He assured that “The congress party will give same treatment to every homecomer like the way they were before quitting the party.”

Expressing his profound happiness for Gotinlam for joining back in the congress party, he said that Gotinlam’s return will help in increasing the power of the party.

Gotinlam expressed his gratitude to the members of the congress party for felicitating him and stated that the divisive policies and wanton misuse of power adopted by BJP leaders have disappointed him all the time.

“Since there is no unity among the members of BJP, I have the apprehension that if I remain as its member, I may not be able to serve the public,” Gotinlam maintained.

He informed that he started his political career in 1997 and elected as a member of Chandel ADC twice in congress party ticket, but later joined BJP at the time of formation of new government in the state.


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