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MNPF condemns NSCN – IM

IMPHAL | Aug 1 : Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) has vehemently condemned NSCN – IM for allegedly abducting two housewives namely, Simrei Phi Kabudang, wife of SoSo Kabudang from Kongkang village, Kamjong district and Precila Chithung wife of (L) Aletpa Chingthung from Kamjong district on July 19, and one David Jajo son of Pairson Jajo of Chontan village, Kamjong district on July 24, and not releasing any information to their families or the public about why they were abducted or their whereabouts.

A release signed by assistant publicity secretary, L. Zimik stated that both married women have children. It may be recalled that NSCN – IM, following the footsteps of Indian army, have mercilessly killed many including women and children under false allegations, and many others still remain untraced, it alleged. If they call themselves as a true revolutionary organisation, they would publicly clarify why those people were murdered and hand over their dead bodies to their families; an act followed all over the world, it stated. The Naga people know that the revolutionary path of NSCN – IM has fallen on the wrong side and they got lost of their tracks, it further stated.

Even though they raise different types of issues, having lost their true revolutionary path, they could not achieve success in resolving any, and now they have turned to inflicting pain and causing trouble to the people, the release further alleged. NSCN – IM now have become the most threatening group in northeast particularly to Manipur, it informed. A revolution can never succeed without the support of the people and it cannot be earned by killing them, it stated. People’s support can be gained only after trust and love has been earned, it maintained.

NSCN – IM not being unable to gain people support, they are now trying to take it forcefully by giving life threats to innocent people, murder and imposing fear on the Naga people, it further alleged. The Naga people must understand that they are building a culture through such oppressive methods, it informed.

MNPF appeals to the Naga people and public that all should make combined efforts to erase such inhumane culture of killing people from the innocent sections of society, it added.


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