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More than 20 cattle die of unknown disease at Paorei

UKHRUL | Aug 4 : Around 28 cattle have died of an unknown disease in Paorei village under Chingai Block, Ukhrul district, making the villagers bury the dead buffaloes in panic.

According to the report by chairman of Village Development Council (VDC), Chinaongam Yangya, the buffaloes were found dead in the grazing area of the forest on August 2.

The death toll is increasing day by day. The sudden outbreak of cattle deaths has left the villagers in shock and helpless conditions as the cattle are one of the important sources of income for the villagers.

Fearing that an epidemic might be causing the death of the cattle, the villagers are busy searching for their buffalos in the forest so as to give medicine. Chairman of Paorei village informed that four doctors from Veterinary department of ADC Ukhrul has arrived today and will start the treatment tomorrow.

According to the villagers, they found ruptured lungs and perforated livers when the carcasses were cut and open. The outbreak is taking place in two areas of Paorei, at Luiphung and Machum.

As per information made available to IFP correspondent, Phungthar Zimik has lost 11 buffaloes and Tamthing Pheirei has lost three buffaloes at Luiphung area. Pamching Khaleng has lost four buffaloes, Chuireithing Khaleng has lost three buffaloes and K. Ringphami has lost seven buffaloes at Machum area. A total of 28 buffaloes have been reported to have died so far while filing this report.

Acting headman of Phungcham village, Kazaching Horam informed that so far there is no report of cattle dying in their village.

However, villagers have started giving treatment by themselves without proper diagnosis.

He said that the villagers had rushed to Ukhrul headquarter for procuring Blackquarter (BQ) vaccine and have started vaccinating on their own.

He also denied the report on AIR News yesterday evening saying that the veterinary department has taken up treatments at Paorei and Phungcham village.


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