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Myanmar wants NSCN-K to give up ‘Independent Naga Homeland’ demand, sign Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement

Guwahati/Dimapur/Layshi, July 29: After barring NSCN-K from signing the historic Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement earlier, Myanmar government now wants the NSCN-K to give up its ‘Independent Naga Homeland’ demand and sign the Agreement.

Informed local sources from Layshi in Myanmar stated that the recent attack on NSCN-K camps might have to do with the fact that the Myanmar government now wants the NSCN-K to give up its demand of ‘Independent Naga Homeland’ which the insurgent organization proposes will be carved out of land from India and Myanmar occupied by Nagas. The Myanmar government now wants the NSCN-K to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) which has been signed till now by multiple ethnic armed groups of Myanmar.

Earlier, the government spokesperson, Zaw Htay speaking at the Union Peace Conference in the capital Naypyidaw had reportedly stated that NSCN-K will not be allowed to sign the NCA as it is difficult to negotiate with groups that hope for a separate country.

Another member had U Hla Maung Shwe, reportedly said that the NSCN-K could only join the NCA if they abandoned the idea of a separate country.

NSCN-K had earlier refused to give up their demand for a separate country and hence refused to sign the NCA. It is also true that most of the other ethnic armed groups that have signed the NCA are demanding autonomous rule and not a separate country.

Meanwhile, the situation seemed peaceful at Taga on Sunday as no shooting has been reported. Around 100 soldiers of Myanmar Army are but still at Taga after multiple camps of NSCN-K were destroyed during an attack on some camps of NSCN-K that are located at a distance from Taga. Only top leaders of the NSCN-K are present at the headquarter in Taga though the Chairman K Konyak has been shifted to a safer place, sources added.

What steps the NSCN-K will take next will be crucial given the changing circumstances with the aggressive stance of the Myanmar government in terms of the NCA, specially at a time when it has been reported that Indian government has been pressurizing Myanmar to take action against NSCN-K highlighting the presence of their camps on Myanmar soil.


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