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Myanmarese nationals urge India govt to reduce frequent passport verification

IMPHAL | Oct 21

Myanmarese nationals have been facing severe inconvenience with the frequent security checks for passport verification along Indo Myanmar road whereas Indians are free from such frequent verifications.

President of Border Trade Chambers of Commerce, Myanmar, Pula Vao stated during the meeting held yesterday at district commissioner’s conference hall while signing a memorandum of understanding between Chindwin Development Corporation Limited, Myanmar and Business Excellence Group, Manipur, India in order to bring good relationship between the two nations under Act East Policy.

It may be mentioned that under the instruction of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s Act East Policy, the citizen of both the countries (India-Myanmar) can now make visits with passport and visa through land route. The border gate of both the countries was opened in August to improve trade and commerce including others which could be benefited for both the countries.

He said many Myanmares people are visiting India through Manipur with legal documents. But in the name of verification of passport, they are being verified at various army check-posts due to which Myanmarese citizens are facing inconveniences while entering the country though they have proper documents.

He said through verification could be done once while entering Moreh gate number 1, they are being re-verified at various check-post like Khudengthabi, Tengnoupaul and others.

On the other hand, for Indians entering into Myanmar, the passport and visa are verified at Intergraded Check Post only once and they enter the country without any hassle, he added.

He questioned how good relationship can be brought between the two nations if Myanmar citizens who travel through land route with legal documents are being harassed by security personnel in the name of verifying documents.  

“This is not the end, the Indian security harass Myanmar citizens by asking them to provide Xerox copy of their passport and other travel documents even though they could easily complete the procedure by simply looking at them,” U Hla Maung said adding that if a Myanmar citizen had to provide Xerox copy of every travel documents to all the check points then there is no way that the relationships will grow.

In the meeting, convenor of Act East Policy Committee, Manipur , R.K. Shivachandra gave his assurance to discuss the matter with the government and high ranking security personnel in order to prevent such inconveniences.


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