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Mysterious livestock killing in Ccpur under investigation


Concerning the recent incident of mysterious killing of livestock in Churachandpur district, a large police team led by additional SP and SDPO of the district investigated the matter till late last evening.

During spot investigations, the police team interacted with the owners of the livestock but could not have a concrete conclusion. However the team believes that the slaughtering of livestock might have been done by wildcats like Catamount or others from leopard family that that were prevalent in the villages of the hills in olden times.

In the late afternoon meeting at DC office, attended by officials like SP, Kabib and other officers under him who went for spot investigation, the SP said that from the information available with him it may be best to have a joint force of the district administration, police, forest department and village authority of the affected areas to hunt down the alleged wild animal, be it at the adjacent jungle or in town. He further asked the DFO to acquire the formal technicalities as the alleged wild animal may be a protected animal under Wildlife Act.

The DFO suggested that killing of the wild animal is beyond the power of district administrations as per law but the department will co-operate to solve the problem.

According to reliable sources, two persons had admitted of spotting the said rare wild animal in the sub-urban area of Lamka town, Thangnem village. They said that the animal is much bigger than dog with red stripes. The type of animal was also said to be spotted at other places of Churachandpur.

The police team told the locals not to panic as they are working round the clock with other concerned departments and there will be vigils on daily basis.

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