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Naga Hoho extends tenure for outgoing team

Dimapur, Nov. 28 (EMN): The Naga Hoho has extended the tenure of its outgoing team of leaders for three months till a new leadership is instated. The organisation conducted its federal assembly on Nov. 28 during which a number of resolutions were undertaken, a press release from the Naga Hoho stated Wednesday.

The press release read: ‘With the ending of the incumbent tenure (2013-2018), the executive council proposed to relinquish the office with immediate effect. However, the house/federating units of the Naga Hoho was of the considered opinion that at this juncture when the Nagas are badly fragmented and passing through a very crucial period despite of inching towards political settlement, a platform such as Naga Hoho which has been recognized by outside world (sic) and serves as the catalyst for the Naga people especially on the Naga political issue cannot be allowed to be defunct abruptly.’

‘Therefore, it resolved to extend the incumbent tenure of Naga Hoho for another 3 (three) months till the new set of leadership takes over the mantle.’
The organisation has set up a nomination committee for the next tenure. The members of the committee are TN Mannen, convenor; and Niketu Iralu, Dr. P Ngully, Inavi Swu; and the president of the United Naga Council.

The updates stated that the president of Naga Hoho P Chuba Ozukum briefed the assembly on the ‘current situation of Naga Hoho and the extra-ordinary situation that its executive council is going through owing to various factors, and inability to summon the federal assembly for more than a year despite of repeated attempt for holding one.’

“As such, the executive council proposed for conversion of the presidential council into the 4th federal assembly. With the formation of the quorum, the house unanimously resolved to convert the presidential council meeting into federal assembly on the ground of extra-ordinary situation and exigencies,” the press release explained.

Accordingly, the august House proposed for a pro tem speaker due to the absence of the acting speaker of Naga Hoho. Ng. Gilbert was unanimously nominated as the pro-tem speaker to presid over the 4th federal assembly, the updates stated.
The house then adopted a number of other resolutions. Among them, the press release stated, the deputy / acting speaker can only summon the federal assembly, if required, with consultation of the incumbent president and executive council. Any meeting called by the present deputy / acting speaker without the endorsement of the incumbent executive council ‘shall be treated as null and void and no constituent units of the Naga Hoho shall attend,’ the press release stated.

‘The functioning of the dy. Speaker / acting speaker is questionable and therefore, the house advised the dy. speaker/ acting speaker to desist from conflicting with the executive council but to function in tune with the executive council. Further, endorsed the executive council to officially communicate to the Rengma Hoho to relieve Mr Kenyungseng Tep either from the post of deputy speaker, Naga Hoho or from the post of president, Rengma Hoho as he has not been doing justice to his assigned post because of holding dual posts.’

Also, the Naga Hoho referred to the decision of the Angami Public Organization and the Chakhesang Public Organization to ‘detach or dissociate from the Naga Hoho; and removal of Naga Hoho officials representing their tribes.’ It was ‘with regret’ that the assembly accepted the removal of Mutsikhoyo Yhobu and Rüngutuo from the post of general secretary and finance secretary, respectively, the press release stated.

The federal assembly also resolved to extend support to the proposed ‘global Naga mass rally if the rally is going to serve the interest of entire Naga people.’ The organisation also approved the executive council to ‘pursue the joint consultative meeting with Naga leaders from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Myanmar, and dedication of Lt. Imkongmeren Memorial Park at Longkhum village before the end of 2018.’ Reviewing the Naga Hoho’s constitution was another resolution for which a committee was constituted, the press release stated.

The organisation also decried ‘the prevailing situation and killings amongst the Naga family by warring groups/factions,’ and urged for peace. The Naga Hoho then ‘noted with discontentment over the slow pace of ongoing peace process and inability to bring honourable political settlement on the part of government of India, which has resulted in further fragmentation and complexities among the Naga masses due to delaying tactics being exhibited by the government of India.’


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