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Following the brutal death of Leiyaton Siro, a 28 year old nurse from Chingjaroi of Ukhrul district, who was working in Nazareth Hospital since 2012, leaders of the Naga community, Meghalaya civil societies and student unions expressed shock.

Hundreds of Nagas converged from different parts of the city at Neigrihms Hospital on Wednesday to attend a short condolence service led by Ruben Khapai, a young scientist working at the Department of Atomic Energy, Nongmynsong.

Dr. S.V. Ngachan, former Director of ICAR (NER), while condoling the deceased thanked the government of Meghalaya and the staff at NEIGRIHMS for the assistance rendered to enable the body to be taken to Ukhrul, Manipur. "Her sacrifice will not go in vain as she served God and humanity," Dr. Ngachan said.

A staff at Nazareth Hospital remembered Leiyaton's soft spoken nature and her eagerness to help always. A spokesperson of the NEIGRIHMS hospital too express deep concern for the brutal killing of a hospital staff.

The President of the NSUS (Naga Students' Union, Shillong), Vioka Sumi called upon the media, civil society organisations and the government authority to fully support the efforts to bring speedy judgment for jeopardizing the serenity of Shillong, which is an educational hub in the region.

Lhouvirielie Usou, the President of the Naga Elders Forum condemned the perpetrator/s of the barbaric death. He expressed the need for wisdom and strength of the law enforcing authorities to do the best to find out the guilty.

Pamngachon Luikham, the President of the Tangkhul Elders Forum, Shillong demanded proper investigation to expetite the matter legally. "We need to stay alert and be awake always. The perpetrators are still at large," he said.

A memorandum was submitted to the Chief Minister and the Home Minister of Meghalaya.

A representative of the Shillong Bar Association speaking at the condolence service, expressed shock that the life of the young nurse was brutally snatched away. It may be mentioned here that, Worthing Lawrence, brother of the deceased is a member of the Shillong Bar Association.

Earlier, BSF personnel led by Deputy Commandant, Movi Zingkhai took the body after completing the post-mortem from Shillong Civil Hospital to Neigrihms.

The Khasi Students' Union (KSU), Women's Wing demanded thorough investigation to find out the culprit to bring justice to the departed soul. The KSU expressed the imperative need for an action plan to prevent such unwanted incident again and again.

" Protection of women and children is a priority of the government. Such cases should not be taken lightly as this gives a boost to perpetrators who feel they can get away with murder or crimes against women and children," says Agnes Kharshiing, President of the Civil Society Women's Organisation in Meghalaya.

"We strongly condemn this incident and request the state police to investigatd to find out and punish the culprit according to the law," says national awardee, Kitboklang Nongphlang, who is a leader of the FKJGP ( Federation of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo People).

--With inputs from the media.

~Pic Credit - Somipei Tinphei

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