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Nagas of Myanmar to observe Naga New Year

The Naga Tradition, Culture and Literature Committee Central along with the Naga Tradition, Culture and Literature Committee Layshi Township held its meeting on September 8 to 10, at Layshi town Naga Self Administered Zone (NSAZ), Myanmar.

The NSAZ Government, along with Sagaing Regional Government, thoroughly discussed issues with central and township tribal leaders. The hoho agreed to work in collaboration with NSAZ and its government for the successful arrangements of a Naga Cultural New Year Festival scheduled to be held from January 13 to 15, 2019 in Layshi town.

Media, Information and Publicity Secretary Makury Naga Youth Federation ( MNYF), Thongtsühmiu Jongs Isidore stated that, it would be the best time for the Naga family to come together once in a year to meet and share oneness and welcome fellow friends to share and build relationships. He also stated that the festival was also a time to tell the world about Nagas. The several Naga organizations of Myanmar extended their warm welcome and wishes and sought prayers for its success.


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