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NDPP asks ECI for further extension to respond

Morung Express News
Dimapur | July 7

The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has sought yet another extension from the Election Commission of India (ECI) regarding its response to a petition seeking dissolution of the party.

On June 26, the counsel for the NDPP, Aishwarya Bhati, requested the ECI to give the party “four more weeks to file the reply to the petition” that has called for de-registration of the NDPP from the ECI.

“The matter has been considered in the Commission and it has been decided that your reply to the application may be sent latest by July 20, 2018,” stated a letter from Ajay Kumar Verma, Under Secretary to the ECI.

While asking for the response to the petition be filed along with supported affidavits and documents, the ECI informed that if no reply is received by Friday, July 20, “a decision would be taken based on available material brought before the Commission.”

This is the second time the NDPP is requesting extension to file a response. On June 25, the ECI had given the NDPP extension till July 9 to respond, based on the NDPP’s counsel, Rituraj Biswas’, request dated June 20 for extension. The letter at the time had been signed by Pramod Kumar Sharma, Secretary to the ECI.

It may be recalled that activist Zeneisiile Ate Loucii had filed a petition with the ECI late last year, and again earlier this year, accusing at least 13 members of the ruling NDPP, including their top brass, of filing false affidavits with the ECI. Her petition called for the ECI to de-register the NDPP as a political party.

NDPP was registered as a political party in October 2017. The ECI recognized it as a ‘State Party’ of Nagaland in April this year with the globe as its party symbol.


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