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NPF asks Rio to clarify stand on integration, citizenship Bill

Reacting to the clarification of NDPP over chief minister Neiphiu Rio’s purported statement on
integration of all contiguous Naga areas, NPF has asked Rio to make his stand clear on the issue before the Nagas as it had become a big hurdle in the ongoing peace process. 
The opposition party also warned that, should the peace process get derailed, Rio and the PDA government should be solely held responsible.
In a statement through its press bureau, NPF said the ruling party’s statement defending the “indefensible statement” of the chief minister on the issue of integration was applaudable, but cautioned that the Nagas could not be taken on a joy-ride or convinced by such pointless arguments.
Mentioning that it was not bothered of Rio as an individual, NPF, however, stated that being the chief minister of the State it was expected of him to make his stand clear on important issues like integration and Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. 
It also accused the ruling party of being unable to face the truth and hence trying to cover up the matter by claiming that NPF was spreading lies and propaganda, despite Rio’s statement in New Delhi on June 12 over integration being widely reported in the media.
Now, it was for the Naga people to judge whether NPF was reiterating and asserting the legitimate rights of Nagas or spreading lies and propaganda as alleged, the statement added.


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