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NPP Youth Front condemns government

IMPHAL | Sept 28 : The National People’s Party Youth Front (NPP Youth Front) expressed condemnations against the arbitrary arrests and violence meted out to students and teachers of Manipur University on September 21.

A release said the excessive use of police and armed forces to arrest and detain students once again exhibits the tendency of the state government to use illegal martial force in responding to concerns of its people. NPP Youth Front would like to remind the government of Manipur and all stakeholders that a healthy environment of dissent, respect for differences of opinion and peaceful protests is a prerequisite for a well functioning democracy, it said.

In such a context, sincere efforts should be made by the state and other stakeholders to foment an environment for democracy in practice, it stated. Nowhere is this more necessary or critical than in educational institutions, it added.  

The current impasse in Manipur University and the use of force, arrests, and intimidation to silence the students and teachers directly negates democratic principles and values, it further said. It is highly unfortunate that the sanctity and healthy functioning of the university has become a victim of power politics; the careers and future of many young students have been held hostage by a series of political agenda and power struggles, it added.  

“We believe that educational institutions should be free of such politics and call upon all stakeholders, particularly the GOM, to encourage an enabling environment for learning by making the university a safe space for everyone to freely express their opinions, question illegalities, or protest injustices without fear of reprisal,” it further said.

The release further said the organisation urges the authorities concerned as well as all stakeholders to proactively explore and move towards restoring normalcy by taking adequate steps to dispel the consequent fear psychosis created among the students by the midnight raid of September 21. As a step towards trust building and cooperation, NPP Youth Front particularly urge the state to immediately demilitarise the university and withdraw all police personnel and armed forces stationed there. “We believe that all stakeholders, casting individual interests aside, has the ability and the capacity to come together and explore possibilities to bring an amicable solution at the earliest,” it added.

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