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NSCN-IM rubbishes News Reports on Star Cement Ban in Nagaland

Guwahati, June 13: Following the fake news claiming that the National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak Muivah (NSCN-IM) banned Star Cement in the state, the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN) on Wednesday stated that the report was highly irritable and inflammable too. They have rubbished the reports in the media.

In a press statement, the GPRN terming the reports as very unfortunate stated that the news centers who published the news are expected to be more reasonable and not expendable.

The GPRN added, “Sensitive news such as that should be examined carefully in order to have authenticity cleared and rectified before publishing.  The nature of publishing such a notorious news item without authenticating the origin and source demands an unqualified apology from these news centers that are responsible for defaming the GPRN.”

The release further added, “The GPRN is constrained to ask for corrigendum from these news centers and other news agencies (if any more) that have published the news item, following the issuance of this rebuttal of the GPRN, so as to avoid ramification and unwelcomed consequences therewith.”

Interestingly, earlier some media houses published a news report that the Nagaland Government had banned the cement company in the state as they mistook the ‘ban’ letter that seems to be from the NSCN-K as an official letter from the Nagaland government.

Meanwhile, some media houses mistook the ‘ban’ letter to be a statement from the NSCN-IM and published it in a news report as a ban imposed on the cement company by NSCN-IM.


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