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NWU appeals to Naga families across Naga Hills

IMPHAL | Sept 3 : The Naga Women Union (NWU) has made an appeal to every Naga family to hoist white flags in their homes from September 8.

A release from NWU stated that the call was made in response “To the hostility against our political journey to reclaim peace” asserting that the Nagas are facing aggression and antagonism in their journey to live and in peace and dignity as a people.

Stating that the Naga women have witnessed and experienced enough of violence and that they do not wish the same for their children, NWU also expressed its wish to broker the lack of space for dialogue and understanding. “We strongly believe that a shared future in which we can grow together can only be built by respecting each other’s aspiration and appreciating each other’s difficulties,” it said.

The release further stated that “The Union is embarking on this journey by hoisting white flags across the Naga Hills so that history may remember the story of Naga women, when white flags fluttered in Naga homes across the land in response to the hostility against our political journey to reclaim peace.”

“We want to resist all forms of oppression by demonstrating peace,” it said while calling for the white flags to be hoisted as a proclamation to the world of their yearning for lasting peace and as a sign of resistance to the violent protest against their rights as a people.

The white flags are to be hoisted as a means to reach out the message of peaceful co-existence for a shared future and early solution for Indo-Naga Peace Process, it added.


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