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Remember the Blue-Whale challenge — an online ‘game’ that predated on people and brought them to the verge of committing suicide and a lot of times, even beyond it? It spread a sense of panic and frenzy on social media among many children – even in India – apparently falling prey to the “challenge”. A similarly fatal frenzy ... Read more »

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Facebook has finally unveiled its solution to people's calls for a "dislike" button — in the form of six new emoji, each representing their own feeling.

Mark Zuckerberg hinted last month that his site was looking to expand the Like button, making a way for people to communicate that they were upset by news. And the site is now rolling out its solution in the form of emojis that represent "Love," "Haha," "Yay," "Wow," "Sa ... Read more »

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India is known for copying brands and duplicating it. All the top fashion brands of the world, you will find in the footpath bazaar in almost all the cities in the country. But selling fake food products is a serious threat to our health. We bumped into this pictures of some local people making fake Coca-Cola and Sprite cold drinks.

Just see for yourself.


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