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Organizations condemn murder of police inspector

DY CM: Dy. Chief Minister, Y Patton has expressed anguish on learning about the tragic dead of Niephretou Metsie-o, ABI of 5th NAP Bn, whose dead body was recovered on September 15 2018, under Phek district.

Patton has asked the law enforcing agencies to thoroughly probe into the nature of the death and to book the culprits at the earliest so as to award befitting punishment to the perpetrators as per the law of the land.

Meanwhile, Patton also conveyed deepest condolence to the bereaved families and prayed that the departed soul rest in peace.

PTP: Pfutsero Town Public (PTP) led by convenor ward chairman Pfutsero Town, Mesulo Khalo and president Pfutsero Town Youth Organisation, Obed Yhobu said the public vehemently condemned the barbaric killing of NeiphretuoMetsie-o between Lasumi and Zapami village under Zuketsa circle, Pfutsero sub-division allegedly by “Thangmeingam (24) of Kharasom Lozo Village and Miss. Ringthingchon of Lunghar village under Ukhrul district, Manipur.”

At meeting was also held on September 15 afternoon at Pfutsero Town in connection with the brutal murder. 

They said the Public of Pfutsero area strongly condemned the heinous crime committed by the two persons within the Pfutsero jurisdiction and for tarnishing the image and peaceful co-existence of Pfutsero area. 

The Pfutsero town public has therefore requested the authorities and Tangkhul community to nab the culprits within 7 days, failing which it said the Pfutsero area public will take its own course of action and will not be responsible for any untoward situations.

Meanwhile, Pfutsero area public expressed grief and prayed that God grant peace and solace to the bereaved family. 

THN: Tangkhul Hoho Nagaland (THN) has strongly condemned the murder of Neiphretuo Metsie-o of Chiechama Village.

THN president Lungmi Kasar said the hoho was shocked and outraged by the murder of a police inspector and more so, deeply pained at the loss of a young, promising officer whose life was tragically taken away. 

As a community, THN said “we bow our heads in shame to hear that the murder was allegedly committed by a couple belonging to our community.” Such a vicious act has no place in our culture, and the alleged murderers do not represent us in any way, it added.

THN has conveyed sincere condolences to the bereaved family, especially to the wife and the four young children and prayed that the Almighty grant solace at this difficult time.

The hoho also assured to extend all possible help to the law enforcing agencies in having the culprits arrested and punished befittingly at the earliest possible time. 

“Our community stands together in full support to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice,” THN stated.

Neikha: Advisor, Youth Resources & Sports, Er. Zale Neikha expressed shock at the murder of  has condemned the murder of inspector Neiphretuo Metsieo, son of Neisalie Metsieo of Chiechama village, whose dead body has been found between Zapami and Lasumi village under Pfutsero district.

Neikha said it was unfortunate and sad that inhumane cases of kidnap and murder once unknown in Naga society have become more prominent in the recent past. 

While condemning the heinous crime, Neikha appealed to the citizens of Nagaland “to have that brotherly attitude of respect, love and compassion and let peace prevail in our land.”

He also appealed to the concerned authority to arrest and award befitting punishment to the culprits as per the law.

Further, Neikha expressed deepest condolences to the bereaved family members in this hour of grief.

NDPP: Ruling NDPP party has expressed deep shock at the gruesome murder of inspector Neiphretuo Metsie-o by some blood-thirsty miscreants.

In a condemnation note, NDPP said such barbarism has no place in a civilized society and appealed to the state government and law enforcing agencies to leave no stone unturned so that the murderers are brought to justice at the earliest.

NDP has also requested all to extend their cooperation in the investigation process.

Meanwhile, NDPP expressed deepest sympathies to the bereaved family members and prayed for the departed soul to rest in peace.

AYO: Angami Youth Organization (AYO) expressed deep pain over the murder of Neiphretuo Metsieo. 

In a press note, AYO expressed serious concerned by the continuous murdering spree and vehicle thefts. 

Stating that such act was totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated, AYO demanded the government to immediately arrest the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

KPU: Kandi Public Union (KPU) has vehemently condemned the murder of their son-in-law, Neiphretuo Metsie-o by unknown miscreants for no reason. 

KPU general secretary Hethinon Mesen said the union pays tribute to the departed soul and conveyed deepest condolences to the bereaved family. KPU also prayed that God grant strength to the family and for the departed soul to rest in peace. 

CYF: Chakhesang Youth Front (CYF) CYF president Lhuvesayi Lohe and general secretary Medovelo Sono strongly condemned the barbaric murder of Neiphretuo Metsie-o, by some perpetrators hailing from Ukhrul district, Manipur.

CYF said they were shocked at the way in which the criminal act was carried out and questioned the security of ordinary citizens if the law enforcers themselves become victim of such crime. 

CYF also strongly objected to the criminal act committed under its jurisdiction and warned the perpetrators of severest consequences once they were caught.

The youth front further assured to give its fullest co-operation to assist the investigating authorities to nab the culprits and at the same time urged the law enforcing authorities to arrest the perpetrators and award befitting punishment as per the law of the land.

Further, CYF conveyed deepest condolences to the loved ones and village community at this hour of grief.

TYOD: Tenyimi Youth Organization Dimapur (TYOD) has expressed shock and condemned the cold blooded murder of Neiphretuo Metseio, a young and dynamic police officer.

Expressing anguish over the horrendous crime, TYOD president Thejangulie Angami and general secretary Khrozote Kapfo said such vicious act has no place in the society.

TYOD reminded the law enforcing agency that since the heinous crime was committed in Nagaland, the culprit/s (he or she) even if caught outside Nagaland must be brought to Nagaland and face legal action with proper investigation and trial. “No one should try to shelter the criminals and nurture them for their own welfare,” TYOD warned.

TYOD also conveyed deepest condolences to the bereaved family and prayed that Almighty grant solace at this difficult time.

ZAPO: Zuketsa Area Public Organization (ZAPO) has strongly condemned the gruesome murder of Neiphretuo Metsieo in their jurisdiction. 

ZAPO vice president Sabou Krome and general secretary Rite Khutso said the organization was shocked and pained by the cold blooded murder and inhuman killing of Neiphretuo Metsieo. 

ZAPO demanded that the investigating authority leave no stone unturned and give befitting punishment to all the culprits. Asserting that the organization will not tolerate such acts within its jurisdiction, ZAPO said Zuketsa Area was not a playfield for criminals to do their nefarious activities. ZAPO said it will not shy away until justice was delivered.

Meanwhile, ZAPO also conveyed deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

KTPO: Khuzha Tephe Public Organization (KTPO) has condemned the gruesome and barbaric cold blooded murder of a promising police officer, Neiphretuo Metsieo. 

KTPO president Z. Kepfhelhou Koza and general secretary Pfuche Koza said that murder was committed by some perpetrators hailing from Ukhrul district, Manipur.

The organization said such crime was intolerable and deserved highest degree of punishment. KTPO said it will not tolerate such heinous act carried out within their vicinity, bringing shame and fear psychosis to the society. 

They also urged the authorities and law enforcing agencies to leave no stone unturned and book the perpetrators and award befitting punishment. 

KTPO further conveyed deepest condolence to the bereaved family and relatives.

TCS: Tangkhul Civil Society (TCS) comprising of Tangkhul Naga Long, Tangkhul Shanao Long (womens’ league), Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (Students’ Union), Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (Youth Council) and Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long (chief association) strongly condemned the barbaric killing of Neiphretuo Metsie-o. TCS said also condemned the culprits, subsequently running away with his car.

In a joint statement, the presidents of TNL Weapon Zimik, TSL Grace A Shatsang, TKS Rangam, TMNL Thanmi LM Shimray and TNWL AS Vaomi said that during its meeting September 15 at TNL president’s chamber, the organization resolved to appeal the concerned authority to book the perpetrators at the earliest for end of justice.

TCS also appealed to every Tangkhul citizen to extend all possible in arresting the perpetrators. 

Meanwhile, TCS conveyed deepest condolence and prayed for the bereaved family members.

TSUD: Tenyimi Students Union Dimapur (TSUD) has vehemently condemned the brutal murder of inspector, Niephretou Metsie-o. 

A condemnation note issued by TSUD advisor, Neitho Khusoh and general secretary, A. Shyerhunlo Lorin stated that such acts of lawless killings should be condemned by all. 

The union appealed to the administration, law enforcing agencies and special investigation team to award the murderer befitting punishment as per law. TSUD further conveyed condolences to the bereaved family.

PNU: Poumai Naga Union (PNU) has vehemently condemned the brutal murder of Neiphretuo Metsie-o by some unidentified criminals and thereafter dumping off of his body by the roadside and then fleeing off with his car. 

In a condemnation note, PUN said such inhumane act has no place in our peace loving society. It also expressed sadness that a young and dynamic officer had to fall victim to the evil designs of some few outlaws. 

PUN said the entire Poumai community was deeply disturbed to learn about the existence of such criminal elements in the Naga society.

The union said it stood by the family members and community of Neiphretuo.

PUN also assured fullest support and co-operation to the family members and investigating agency to ensure that those responsible for the inhumane murder are brought to book and justice served as per the law of the land. 

Reminding all that wilful shielding and protecting of the culprits amount to a criminal act PUN therefore appealed to all authorities concerned and individuals alike to play their part positively and ensure that the culprits were handed over to the law enforcement agencies at the earliest. 

NPO: Naga people’s organization (NPO), apex body of Senapati district, has vehemently condemned the inhuman and barbaric cold blooded killing of inspector Neiphretuo Metsie-o. 

NPO through its president Solomon Arow, while extending sincere solidarity and condolences to the bereaved family members, strongly demanded immediate arrest of the perpetrators. 

NPO said such brutal killing of the young police officer holds no place in the society where law and justice was supreme. 

NPO said it unconditionally extended all support and co-operation to any investigation to nab the culprit(s) at the earliest possible.


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