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People excluded from the final NRC list will be deported: Ram Madhav

Guwahati, September 11: BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav said on Monday that people whose names are excluded from the final list of National Register of Citizens (NRC) would be de-franchised and deported to their respective countries.

“No country in the world tolerates illegal immigrants but India has become a dharamshala (lodge) for illegal immigrants due to political considerations,” Madhav said in his speech addressing a seminar on ‘NRC: Defending the Borders, Securing the Culture’.

Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal who also attended, the seminar, on the other hand, suggested that the National Register of Citizens (NRC) should be implemented across India.

“Genuine citizens of India will get adequate opportunities to prove their citizenship and include their names in the final list of the NRC,” Sonowal said

“The NRC should be implemented in all states. This is a document which can protect all Indians. Those who will be excluded from the NRC in Assam can go to other states. So we will have to take a strong step,” he added.

NRC is being updated only in Assam under the supervision of Supreme Court to identify genuine Indian nationals living in Assam, the first draft of which excluded more than 40 lakh people and have triggered a political imbroglio.

At the seminar, Ram Madhav said the NRC is being updated as part of the ‘Assam Accord’ signed in 1985 under which the government had made a commitment to “detect, delete and deport” all illegal immigrants from the state.

“The NRC will ensure the detection of all illegal immigrants. The next step will be delete – means deletion of names of illegal immigrants from voters list and deprive them from all government benefits. The next stage will be deportation,” he said.

Slamming those who have said that India will have to face international criticism if illegal immigrants are deported, the BJP leader said even Bangladesh has been in active talks with Myanmar to deport lakhs of Rohingya people, who have taken shelter there to escape persecution in Myanmar.


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