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Phungcham villagers decries poor quality work

UKHRUL | Dec 24

The Phungcham villagers have come out strongly against the sub-standard work of the on-going PMGSY Road from Phungcham to Varangarai and Halang to Paoyi (Part I).

Construction of road from Phungcham to Varangarai, a total length of 10km under PMGSY was awarded to one contractor Thokchom Praphulla Singh on 9 December 2015 at a cost of Rs. 4,96,98,631 including maintenance cost for five years, package number MNO9128, PMGSY Phase X (RT).

The work specification includes earthwork in embankment, granular sub-base, metalled layers or WBM in 2 layers and bituminous layer. The vice chairman of Phungcham Village Development Council, Rejoice Khaleng stated while interacting with media person that the contractor has laid only one metalled layer or WBM and have started taking up thin bituminous layer which eventually comes out after few days.

Cracks on the bitumen surface could be seen and people can easily be removed the thin bitumen layers. He stated that this is the lifeline of the people with more than 440 households and having a population of 4500. He fervently appealed the authority concerned to pressurise the contractor for constructing the road without compromising with quality as per work specification.

Mantri of Phungcham Village Authority, Haoching Horam, stated that the premix carpet is done below 10mm and the width of the road is about 9 feet which is below the specification of works. He even demonstrated mediapersons by pulling out the layers of bitumen from the middle of the road.  

He asserted that the villagers will take up necessary action if the contractor fails to maintain quality while constructing the said road. The road is the only connectivity between Phungcham and Varangarai and passes right at the heart of the two villages. A total of around 2000 feet has been black topped with thin layers of bitumen.

The villagers also urged the concerned authority to immediately intervene at the snail base and shabby quality ongoing road construction from Halang to Paoyi, Part I, a distance of 12 km under Package No. MN0991 under PMGSY, Phase IX, 2014 with a total amount for construction and maintenance of works Rs. 4,26,35,547 was awarded to one contractor Vareiyo V.S. on 12 September 2014 and was to be completed within 18 months from the date of issuing of the work orders. However, till today, the work is yet to be materialised. The said road connects four villages - Phungcham, Paorei, Varangarai and Paoyi to the Ukhrul district headquarter and rest of the state.

"I am afraid, the ongoing road construction will not last for a season" added Rejoice Khaleng and urge the concern authority for immediate intervention looking at the greater interest of the community. Phungcham is located on the north of Ukhrul District and is situated approximately 28 km away from Ukhrul Headquarter.
-Pic : Tennoson Pheiray

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