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PLA and MNPF launch series of attacks against Assam Rifles

IMPHAL | Sept 9 : The proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has informed that a special force of PLA’s Tactical Command had launched an attack against 31 Assam Rifles situated between Kangpat Khunou and Khulen on July 9.

On July 19, a united force of PLA’s 252 Mobile Battalion and MNPF successfully launched another attack against 29 Assam Rifles located at Aibol Village under Chandel district said a joint press release signed by assistant secretary, publicity, RPF, Bangkim and deputy secretary, publicity, MNPF, M.K. Mashun. Afterwards, the 4 Assam Rifles camp located at Aigyang, Chandel district was attacked on September 5 by a combined team of PLA and MNPF with RPGs and Light Machine Guns in the early morning around 5:45 am, followed by another attack launched on September 7, in the morning around 9 am, against 4 Assam Rifles located between Aibol and Zoupi under the same district, the release claimed. During the attacks, two personnel of AR were killed while several others were injured, and their camps suffered extensive damages, it informed.

India with its ill intentions, have been continuing all forms of atrocities against the innocent civilians to break up the unity of the communities living in the state, so as to strengthen their colonial rule, it alleged. As a direct result, many mothers of this land have lost their sons, many sisters have lost their husbands and the cries of several children who lost their parents echoes to this day, it stated.

The one and only means to escape this nightmare is to completely root out the colonisers from the soil of this land by waging a war against India, the colonial ruler, it continued. In the course of History, there have been no records where a forced regime ever became successful for a long period of time, it further said while adding it has been a part of nature where a conflict always existed between the oppressed and the oppressor. However, many examples have been set by various revolutionary upheavals and rebellions which have taken place in the world where the oppressed group always emerged victorious, it stated. The Indian leaders should learn that the truth cannot be kept hidden like a fire cannot be covered by a piece of cloth, it said. This is the reason why other nations of the globe always extend their help to one another on the grounds of humanity, it added.

Therefore, until the lost Independence of Manipur who is the mother of both hill and valley people, has been reclaimed, the likeminded revolutionary groups like PLA and MNPF along with the united strength of the people, will relentlessly carry forward the battle against India and remove its colonial rule from the soil of Manipur, the release declared. The only means to achieve the goal is through the armed struggle, it continued adding therefore, by considering that the movement is a responsibility for everyone, RPF and MNPF appeals all to extend their support and become a part of it.


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