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‘PM’s declaring all villages in Manipur has been electrified is a matter of shame’


Lilong Development Forum (LDF) has decried the lack of electric supply at Khekman Maning Leikai Ningthibi Khong under Lilong assembly constituency.

Publicity secretary of LDF, Raja Thongkhongmayum said that despite the claims and slogans raised by state officials of ‘Digital India, Cashless India’, locales of Khekman Maning Leikai have been left without electricity while also appealing the state government to look into the matter.

As a part of LDF’s on-going effort or movement under the theme “Sotharaba Lilong Kendragi Fibam Government na Fagathullu” to bring development in Lilong, members of the organisation along with media personnel have conducted a visit to Khekman Maning Leikai to enquire and identify the needs of the locals.

Raja Thongkhongmayum, who was also a part of the visit, further stated that while the chief minister and Power minister of the State have provided assurance that there will be no more areas in Manipur without electricity, Khekman Maning Leikai which lies close to the CM’s Bungalow has been left without electricity connections.  

“The Prime Minister of India, during his visit to Imphal, had also declared that Leishang in Kangpokpi was the last village in the Country to be electrified,” he continued adding that the plight of Khekman Maning Leikai which is a contradiction to his claim is indeed a shame.LDF further questioned whether the PM had made a wrong claim or was it due to false reports submitted by state government officials?

While stating that electricity is now an essential commodity or component in these developed modern ages, Raja Thongkhongmayum also appealed the state government to address the requirements of electricity faced by the people in the interest of students.

He also requested the authorities concerned to address the issues faced by the residents of Khekman Maning Leikai which included lack of proper water supply and the dilapidated conditions of roads.

Lilong constituency is underdeveloped in almost all aspects but if we bring the situations into notice of the government, then the problems will be addressed, Raja Thongkhongmayum continued while also expressing hopes the initiatives taken up by LDF will be appreciated by the CM as he himself had stated that the needs of the people should be conveyed to the government before starting any sort of agitaions. “And that is what exactly LDF is doing,” he added.

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