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Rongmei leaders meet NSCN-IM leaders in Delhi

Newmai News Network

Dimapur |April 8

A delegation of Rongmei people living in Delhi called on the ‘Collective Leadership’ of NSCN-IM at the residence of the latter and had a “Blessing-cum-Thanksgiving Programme” on April 6.

The delegation comprised of pastors, executives of the Rongmei Phwam Delhi (RPD), Rongmei Chamnac Phwam Delhi (RCPD) and many others.

The programme started with a prayer by Rev Thomas Kahmei.

Rongmei Chamnac Phwam Delhi (Rongmei Student Union, Delhi) informed Newmai News Network tonight that, in the programme, Dr. Aphun Kamei, Senior Assistant Professor, Delhi School of Economics “beautifully moderated the function with his eloquent briefing and pertinent supplementary” while Gaichanglungliu Kamei (Adviser, RPD) explained the purpose of the visit, which was, to convey to the ‘Collective Leadership’ of the NSCN-IM the support of the Rongmei people to the ongoing Indo-Naga talks and the Framework Agreement and also to convey gratitude for enlisting the Rongmei as one of the tribes of Nagas.

“In this regard, in the recently held session of the Tatar Hoho of NSCN-IM on March 23, 2018, amendment was made in the list of Naga tribes by enlisting Rongmei, Liangmai, Zeme and Ollo as separate tribes of the Nagas,” the Rongmei body said.

Earlier, the cognate tribes namely Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei were clubbed together under Zeliangrong.

Machunlung Kamei (Chairman, RPD) offered the “words of gratitude to the Collective Leadership” of the NSCN-IM.

He quoted the words of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar—-“Unlike a drop of water which loses its identity when it joins the ocean, man does not lose his being in the society in which he lives” which he said was very much relevant to the Nagas also. He said that the identity of the Nagas and the Naga tribes cannot be subsumed into an amorphous being. He also said that in the social settings of human existence there is no sense of belonging without a sense of identity.

According the RCPD, Mchunlung Kamei then expressed gratitude to the Tatar Hoho of the NSCN-IM and the ‘Collective Leadership’ for the decision taken to officially recognize and enlist the Rongmei as one of the tribes of the Nagas. He said that it has been the long felt wish of the Rongmei people that the Rongmei people are also duly recognized and enlisted as Rongmei Naga in the concerned Naga bodies and forums. He also said that it is right that a tribe gets its correct identity acknowledged and recognized by concerned and proper authorities and bodies of human society. He also expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Tatar Hoho and the ‘Collective Leadership’ for understanding the issues of the Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei and for taking the needed corrective action. He said that with the identity issue sorted out, the anxiety of these kindred tribes has been removed and they will be able to work with clear perspective towards the cause of the Nagas.

Rev. Dr. Kadimna shared the words of God from the lives of Moses, Joshua and Caleb how God had used them to lead their people. In the same manner, he wished the ‘Collective Leadership’ of the NSCN-IM a long healthy life so that God will continue to use them to lead the Nagas with renewed vigour.

This was followed by a special prayer of blessing for the Collective Leadership of the NSCN-IM to give them good health and long life and for continued God’s blessing on them.

According to the Rongmei student body, Kholi, Vice President, NSCN-IM talked about his duty to the cause of the Naga people. He said that their works and sacrifices will not go in vain and that the Nagas have a promising future.

The RCPD also said that, Th Muivah, the General Secretary of NSCN-IM spoke at length about his call to the duty of the Nagas, the Naga history and about the on-going Indo-Naga talks. He said that the Naga history is unique because the Nagas were never under any rule outside either by armed subjugation or by assent of the Naga people. Th Muivah further said that the unique history of the Nagas has been recognised by the Indian Government.

According to RCPD, the NSCN-IM General Secretary then shared the challenges, the ups and downs in the long drawn Indo-Naga talks and the progress made in the talks. He emphasized and re-emphasized on the non-negotiability of safeguarding the identity of the Nagas. He also expressed his deep respect for the identity of the Rongmei tribe.

“He then acknowledged the great sacrifices made by Haipou Jadonang for the cause of self determination of the Nagas,” the RCPD stated. Th Muivah also said that Jadonang was a “true patriot” who fought for the rights of the Nagas. He said that “each one of us has come to this world not on our choice but as per God’s plan and therefore each one of us has a duty to perform on this earth”.

The NSCN-IM leaders then conveyed their happiness and appreciation to the delegate for coming and having fellowship with them. They said that they feel encouraged and energized by such gesture of the Naga people. Th Muivah also answered patiently to the various questions asked by the members of the Rongmei leaders.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Lungthuiyang Riamei (Adviser, RCPD) which was followed by mass prayer. The benediction was offered by Rev.Dr. Kamthui Panmei.


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