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Sahamphung block division existing only in name

UKHRUL| Oct 29

Sahamphung SDC Block headquarter is existing only in name without any office infrastructures although the block headquarter was inaugurated on March 19, 1983 by former chief minister of the state, Rishang Keishing and despite being upgraded to the status of Divisional Block Headquarter in 2016.

While emphasising on the upgradation of Sahamphung SDC to block divisional headquarter without any infrastructures, one of the distressed village elders, Ningkhalem Angkang complained about the deplorable road conditions  and the lack of electric supply at the headquarter.” There is only one upper primary school and Anganwadi centre in Sahamphung village,” he added.

Headman of Sahamphung, Kaphaoleng Angkang further stated that the land acquisition for construction of SDO office has been completed but physical construction is yet to be initiated. About 29 to 30 villages of eastern Ukhrul would be covered by Sahamphung Block Divisional Headquarter, he added.

Meanwhile, people living in the remote areas and villages of Ukhrul under Sahamphung Block Division have urged the state government to expedite the process of construction of the office in order to run all departments at the block headquarter.

Sahamphung block headquarter is located at eastern part of Ukhrul and is about 70 kilometres away from Ukhrul district headquarter.

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