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‘Sahnit’ (Kuki Black Day) to be observed for three days in Churachandpur

CHURACHANDPUR | Sept 10 : Information secretary of Kuki Black Day Observation Committee, Lalkhohau Haokip said that his team will be organising a three-day observation of 25th Anniversary of Kuki Black Day starting from tomorrow and asked cooperation from all sections.

He was addressing the media in a press conference called by the committee at Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), Churachandpur office located at Tuibong.

Lalkhohau said the committee has asked other organisations not to have other programmes that would coincide on September 11, 12 and 13. He said that three memorial stones which have epitaphs of more than 1000 Kuki martyrs will be unveiled on September 11 at 10:30 am. He also asked all the churches to pray for the success of the observation and added that there is no such thing as bandh but asked all to come in spite of their daily jobs.

A separate press advisory signed by the chairman and secretary of the ‘Sahnit’ (Black Day) committee stated that the Kuki tribes all over the world will be observing the Kuki Black Day on September 13, however it will be observed for three days starting from September 11 at Churachandpur.

September 13 marks the darkest day in Kuki history, when NSCN (IM) cadres slaughtered more than 115 innocent Kuki civilians as part of their ethnic cleansing drive on Kuki villages in 1993. The carnage pogrom of NSCN (IM) took place in between 1992-1997, it added.

In the genocide, more than 350 villages were scorched and more than thousand innocent Kukis were massacred, including women, children, aged and infirmed persons, by using hatchets and spears. The massacre led to the internal displacement of more than one lakh Kukis of Manipur. Since then, the Kukis have been observing the tragic day wherever they are with elegy and prayer for justice. This year, the Kukis are also taking a pledge to uphold human rights, to continue the fight for justice and to secure their land and rights, stated the press advisory.

It also mentioned that today the Kukis are asking the Central government, “Why is the government denying justice to Kukis over the killing of more than 1000 Kuki citizens of India?”, “Why no action has been taken up against the perpetrator of Kuki genocide, Th. Muivah, but engaged in talks?”, “Why is the government turning a blind eye to Kuki genocide and a deaf ear to the appeal of Kukis for justice?” and “Why is the state and the Centre not heeding Kukis’ demands for securing their safety and dignity through self-governance of their territories?”


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