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Security beefed up in Jiribam, Senapati to meet Assam NRC list eventualities

IMPHAL | Jul 30 : The state police department has taken up stringent security measures in the borders districts of Jiribam and Senapati to meet the fall out of any law and order situation in Assam, in the wake of the release of the final draft of National Register of citizen (NRC).

The Jiribam district being the border with Assam is most vulnerable accordingly maximum forces are deployed to meet the situation effectively, said the official statement of the government.

District police under the supervision of SP Jiribam deployed forces at vulnerable places like Borobekra, Lathingkhai, Kapakhal, Dinsilu, Jirimukh, Bhaiboni, Chotobekra, Somapunji, Jakuradhor, Chaudhurikhal, Behuanveng, Kamarangha, Kalinagar, FCP etc.

Further three boats are utilized to patrol in the Jiri and Barak rivers, it said.

The district police of Jiribam, 25 personnel from 7 IRB, 9 commando teams, two company of MR/IRB, two company of CRPF,

30 women police personnel are being used. In additional two section of 5 MR have been deployed at Vangaichungpao railway station to check illegal entry of foreigner, it said.

In Senapati, the district police under the SP also reportedly taken up security measures by deploying district police and CRPF and IRB personnel at Mao.

Mao police station, one company of CRPF and one platoon of 4th IRB at Potato farm is deployed.

It said the government also alerted police and para-military forces in other districts too.

Our correspondent adds: Following the developments in the neighbouring state of Assam, state security forces in Jiribam district are now on full alert to stop the influx of illegal migrants from Assam.

A team of police personnel led by SP of Jiribam, M. Mubi Singh, conducted special patrolling and investigation of the Ghats along the waterways of Jiri and Barak rivers under Boro Bekra sub-division which included Jirimukh, Kapakhal, Islamabad, Latingkhal and Baiboni ghats.

The state security forces are using boats in their patrolling operations to check the influx of illegal migrants from Assam but so far no arrests have been made.


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