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Sensation in Dibrugarh after Man allegedly sells off Friend’s Kidney in Kolkata

Guwahati/Dibrugarh, July 29: In a sensational incident, a youth from Dibrugarh in Assam had to lose one of his kidneys after a friend of his allegedly duped him and sold off his kidney to another person at a private nursing hospital in Kolkata.

The victim, Dipankar Das, was allegedly duped by his friend Ram Kishore Bhagat alias Bikash Das who stays at the same lane in Shantipara, Dibrugarh.

According to reports, Bhagat lured Dipankar by promising him to get issued a driving license for four-wheelers and took him to Dimapur in Nagaland. After that Bhagat introduced him to an aide of his and got Dipankar to sign some blank papers for the driving license. After that Dipankar was forced fed with alchoholic and other intoxicating substances and made to stay in Dimpaur for multiple days. Soon Dipankar was suffering from severe stomach ache and around this time, Bhagat told him that he should get treated at a hospital in Kolkata and took him there via train.

In Kolkata, Dipankar was made to stay in a rented place for multiple days and later they got him admitted to NH Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences making him believe that he has developed stones in his kidneys.

When Dipankar regained his senses, he realized that one of his kidneys has been taken away through an operation.

Later it became clear that the stolen kidney has been sold to one Dipak Das of Dimapur. Seeing no other way, Dipankar somehow managed to get back to Dibrugarh. Following which, Bhagat arrived at Dipankar’s Dibrugarh home and deposited Rs 49,900 in his bank account. When Dipankar tried to confront Bhagat about the ‘kidney incident’, Bhagat allegedly threatened him of dire consequences and asked him to keep mum about everything.

Soon the news about the ‘kidney incident’ spread like wildfire in the locality and on Saturday night, hundreds of women came out and ‘gheraoed’ the Dibrugarh Sadar Police Station demanding immediate arrest of the culprit.

Dibrugarh Police acting swiftly arrested the culprit, Ram Kishore Bhagat and interrogation is on. Further investigations might reveal a big network of organ trafficking in the region, said police sources.

The incident has led to sensation in Dibrugarh Town. Organ trafficking and that too involving friends has shaken up the people of the locality.


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