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Skill training on cane and bamboo handicrafts concludes

UKHRUL | Sept 28 : The 3rd batch of ‘Skill Training on Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts and Basketry’ concluded today at the campus of Volunteer for Village Development (VVD), Khaivaren, Hungpung, Ukhrul. VVD is one of the most successful NGO operating in Ukhrul district and has been actively involved in uplifting the livelihood of the community since its inception in 1982.

Manager, Training, Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC) Burnihat, Assam, Priyo Kumar Singh took part at the the closing function as chief guest. Manik Das, from Tripura and Elangbam from Kakching were the two instructors of the 15- day training programme. The programme was also attended by chairperson, VVD Governing Body, Janeth Hungyo, project director, VVD, Jubilate Kazingmei and members of VVD Governing Body, Grace Luikham, Reverend, M. Luiram and GS Yaopeila.

Priyo Kumar Singh in his speech lauded the initiatives of VVD and congratulated the trainees. He stated that due to language problems, it is difficult to train them at Guwahati and this was the reason why such skill training programme was being conducted at Ukhrul so that maximum benefit is imparted to the locals.

He also stated that the potential to meet the demands in the market is one of the greatest challenges being faced by cane and bamboo craftsmen. Priyo Kumar gave away the certificate to all the trainees.

Janeth Hungyo appealed the trainees to perform their best in exhibiting the skills and talents they have acquired during the training so as to sustain their livelihood.

Artax A. Shimray, while giving his closing remarks expressed that it was a privilege to conduct such training with support from CBTC and expressed gratitude to CBTC for extending co-operation. He asserted the need to plan more bamboos and canes and how to make use of the bamboos and cane and develop a mechanism to sell in the market as final products.  

Mawing Gachui gave detail report of the training. 4 women and 22 men, a total of 26 took part in the training programme which commenced on September 14. One of the trainees remarked that the training was short and appealed for longer days especially for the young trainees who are having a firsthand experience.

Disbursement of travel expenses to trainees was also handed out during the programme. People from various corners of Ukhrul took part in the training programme.

The training programme was funded by North Eastern Council (NEC) and conducted by Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre, Burnihat, Asaam and hosted by Volunteers for Village Development, Ukhrul.


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