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Some guy from Russia made a porn website with the domain name

Some guys from Russia had made a porn website and hosted it under the domain name (you don't wanna open the link). We don't know what's his intentions are but we are sure it will make a lot of confusion when someone landed up on the website after searching on the google for BJP Assam.

This, of course, is not the website of Assam BJP and is in no way affiliated or related to the website. Their official website can be accessed by the domain

So we dig a little deeper to check up on the domain name The domain is relatively new and was registered only on 10th March 2018. The domain is registered under the name of Silaev Dmitriy who is a resident of Russia.


However, in just a short span of time, the web developer seems to have played very well with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as can be seen by the sitelinks in the google. Unless one is a master of SEO, it normally takes time to appear in Google with sitelinks. But, this guy, who registered the domain on 10th March 2018, have managed the SEO well that the sitelinks have appeared on Google search.

Not only that, the site seems to be pretty busy with traffic. We checked the Alexa ranking and traffic details from Similarweb. This is what we found out!!! Alexa ranking in India is 28,508

As per Similarweb, recorded 887k site visits in the month of April 2018. That's way more than many of the local news website of  NE, including ours!!!

We are sure, whoever this guy is, really knows how to handle SEO!

As per the news reported in GPlus, the local BJP members have registered a case against the same.

Or maybe it was their website and it got hacked or they forgot to renew?) Cos we found out that their official facebook page (with blue tick) has an email


We have also crossed checked with
the some links from and found that some links are being redirected to website (now redirected to adult website)!

Well maybe the site was hacked!!! That's all for now!!!

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