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Soraphung villagers request for a new headman

UKHRUL | Aug 11 : A public meeting held at Soraphung on August 6 have unanimously appealed the Nedsore Lasuh clan to replace the existing headman of Soraphung.

In a press briefing held at the office of Ukhrul District Working Journalist Association (UDWJA), former village secretary, VS. Kevipa, along with former VA, VS. Mesepelo, president of Soraphung Student’s Union, Khrielie Venuh and former youth chairman, Melipa Lasuh informed that the Yaruingam Lasuh has been the headman of Soraphung village for more than 30 years. It was alleged that during his time as headman he has misused the existing customary law and practises by selling off the ancestral properties including public land.

According to the villagers of Soraphung, Nedsore was the first headman being passed down through his descendants.

VS. Kevipa said that in 2017, Yaruingam and village secretary, Vikholie Tsuzu have written a petition to District Social Welfare office, Ukhrul misrepresenting that five beneficiaries of Old Age Pension Scheme were dead. Accordingly, the office cancelled the five beneficiaries namely, K. Ringshi, Vs. Aphuni, L. Kewepfa, VS. Wechitiu and Alo Vashum from getting the scheme. As the mentioned old age pensioners are still alive, Vikholie Tsuzu was forced to resign, added Kevipa.

He further alleged that the headman has discretely sold off two truckloads of GI Pipe sanctioned by PHED in 1994 which was meant for village water connection. He continued that the headman even sold off the Soraphung JB School materials like plank, bench, desk and other furniture and the school was left non-functional for many years until IFAD constructed a new building.

Melipa said that the community hall constructed under BADP scheme has become a personal garage and pig sty of the present headman, Yaruingam. As a result, the villagers held a public meeting and unanimously appealed the Nedsore Lasuh clan to replace immediately a new headman within 30 days, he added.

Soraphung village is 115 km away from Ukhrul district headquarter consisting of 160 houses.


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