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Statehood the only means for Eastern Nagas, says ENPO

Reaffirming its demand for Frontier Nagaland, Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organisation (ENPO) Friday asserted that getting statehood was the only means for Eastern Nagas. Speaking at the Lao-ong Mo, a post harvest festival of the Konyaks at Mon local ground, ENPO president, T Kekongchim Yimchungru, said the demand for Frontier Nagaland that began with endorsement from the people of eastern Nagaland was a legitimate right. 

“We became the citizens of Indian by circumstances and not by choice,” he added.

ENPO president said Eastern Nagaland has numerous issues and problems like socio-economic, employment, development and discrimination by others in various fields.

He, therefore, urged upon the people to keep on supporting until the demand was achieved and fulfilled by the government of India.

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