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Statutory power is unacceptable to Naga people: MNRF

IMPHAL | Aug 3 : Manipur Naga Revolutionary Front (MNRF) has appealed the Naga people of Manipur to be watchful regarding the framework agreement of NSCN (IM), asserting that it will not be wise to jump to conclusions without knowing the content of the framework agreement in totality as it has not been revealed to the public yet.

A release signed by assistant secretary, information and publicity, Rex Khasung stated that the leaders of NSCN(IM) are easily tamed by the honey waxing lips assurance of the Indian leaders. “On the other hand we are providing the government of India (GOI) a chance to play a divisive role among us as most of our struggles are based on the narrow mind-set of ethnic or community based politics,” it stated. Nagas are not demanding which are not theirs but telling the GOI to leave their land which they had occupied forcefully, the release informed. Though these leaders have promised that as long as Indians are occupying the land, they will fight tooth and nail until sovereignty is achieved, the leaders still could not escape from the hypnotizing card of Indian Government, it stated.

The release further said that the versions of NSCN (IM) on the agreement or demands like sovereignty, shared sovereignty, Naga integration, statutory power and co-existence pan Naga Hoho amongst others are really doubtful and confusing. Lastly, implementation of 371(A) in all Naga inhabited areas need to be detailed to the people by NSCN (IM), it demanded.

Statutory power can never be accepted by the Naga People, it said adding statutory power means laws which have been written down. First, NSCN (IM) will become an Indian regent through the Framework agreement, and after that the GOI will sit on the top of the agreement to become a dictator to all Naga people, it cautioned.

“We all know that we are not Indian by race, by history, by culture and by religion. It is the time to break our weakness by knowing the true friends and blood,” it said. Let us joint hands and move forward for our glory, it stated. Nothing will be achieved until and unless WESEA is united, it added.


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