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Student bodies allege BJP and RSS of initiating MU issue

IMPHAL | Sept 28 : The six students’ bodies comprising AMSU, AIMS, DESAM, KSA, MSF and SUK have condemned both the state and central governments of inflaming and prolonging the Manipur University (MU) crisis while also declaring that further agitations will continue until the issue is resolved amicably.

A joint release from the six students’ bodies alleged that the on-going crisis at the varsity which has adversely affected the academic careers of thousands of students is the fault of the BJP and the RSS. Both the state and central governments backed by the RSS have been the main source of the crisis with their continued attempt to save their henchman, AP Pandey, it said while adding that the recent actions of the state government is a clear indication that CM Biren is a mere puppet following the imperialist agenda of the central government.

While expressing gratitude to the people of Manipur for their support and solidarity towards the 48-hour general strike called by the students’ bodies and foiling the propaganda initiated by the government to show them in the wrong light, the release also asserted that the allegations of manhandling Prof. K. Yugindro and keeping him confined for more than three hours is absurd and nothing but an attempt of revenge for the agitations launched against the wrongdoings of AP Pandey and his removal as VC of the varsity.

It further condemned the midnight raids conducted at the MU hostels by state security personnel and paramilitary forces, and the subsequent arrests of teachers and students on false charges.

The release further charged the state government of being unable to utilise the Manipur police force against the recent attack on members of AMSU at Nungba by alleged NSCN-IM cadres while also condemning the government for remaining silent on the border pillar issue. It also alleged both the state and central governments of fostering the hill-valley divide and inflaming communal tensions with regard to the varsity crisis.

Asserting that the breach of the MoA by the government is public knowledge, the release also stated that the offer for negotiations made by the CM is nothing but an act of hypocrisy. Instead of offering initiatives for talks and negotiations, the government should concentrate on fulfilling the terms of the MoA signed between the MU bodies and MHRD in the presence of the chief minister, it continued while adding that the initiative for negotiations does not make sense when the police are continually attempting to arrest student leaders and teachers.

The release also alleged that it was all due to CM’s Biren actions that MU and its affiliated colleges have deteriorated, while warning the public not to fall into the ruses of the state government to show the agitation in the wrong light.

The students’ bodies, in its release, further declared that agitations will continue until the MU issue is resolved in an amicable manner. It also appealed for a state-wide meira rally to be held on September 29 asking the public for solidarity and support in the interest of the students and the general public.

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