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Suspected Kuki militant group kidnaps three construction company employees

IMPHAL | Nov 30

Well-armed miscreants suspected to be Kuki militants allegedly kidnapped three employees of Shivalaya Construction Co Private Limited who were engaged in construction works of National Highway 2 (Tendongyang to North AOC) from their work site located at Sekmai Khwairakpam Kusong on the evening of November 29.

Following a complaint regarding the incident, a team of Imphal West police has launched a search operation in and around the surrounding areas of Sekmai river and the hills in the eastern side of Sekmai from yesterday evening. So far, the police team has been unable to trace the whereabouts of the victims.  

Due to last night’s incident and resulting fear, some of the labourers have left the work site and returned back to their native states.

Other employees of the company who had witnessed the incident yesterday claimed that six well-armed masked militants came to their work site and called out all the employees and started assaulting them without any reason.

The militants (speaking in Kuki dialect) took away three of the employees along with 20 mobile phones and two wallets before leaving the site, said the witnesses.

“They did not tell us any reason for the kidnapping. They only asked us to tell our boss to wait for their call,” said the employees.

The kidnapped employees are identified as Bir Singh, 40, son of Satbir of Haryana (supervisor), Ramji, 25, son of Kanhaiya of Uttar Pradesh (machine operator) and Dinesh Kumar Yadav, 30, son of Rajdeep Yadav of Uttar Pradesh (machine operator).

Project manager of the company, Santendra Kumar Singh said the company had not received any kind of monetary demands or threat in the past. The project started six months ago and it is the first time that the company (head quarter in Delhi) working is the State. As of now, we have not got any phone call from the suspected militants, he informed.

Appealing the responsible armed group to release the innocent workers on humanitarian grounds, the project manager asked the armed group to directly deal with the competent authorities of the company if they have any issues.

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